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Lifestyle: Little Black Favourites

what emma did
The savvy shoppers favourite day has arrived – it’s Black Friday! If you are a social media maven, then the majority of you are going to be inundated with deals and offers during today and Cyber Weekend. I’m guessing already your inbox’s have become full to the brim with slashed prices from your favourite brands, and even tempting little offers from restaurants and supermarkets.

In true blogger style, I produced a post yesterday (which you can see here) which round-ups up a few deals that I spotted and wanted to share with you, and I have another one coming up later today too. But this morning, I wanted to dedicate this post to celebrating everything black for this colour themed day! And what is more exciting than a black box filled with Black Friday inspired treats?

little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
little black box
The box was delivered from TNT Direct – who today are leaving their orange logo behind in exchange for striking back. As you can see, the ‘LittleBlackBox’ is dedicated to a few of our favourite things which come in black, such as the below:

Moleskin Notebook
Black Coffee from The Little Coffee Bag Co
Black Jacks
100% Willies Cacao Gold Chocolate
Black Lip Paint from Barry M
Black Nail Paint from Barry M
Black Tea Lights

In my opinion, these items are a girls essentials all stuffed into a little black box- whether in black, or perhaps a different shade when I’m not celebrating Black Friday. But today, all my notes are getting recorded in my moleskin notebook, I’m drinking black coffee (I’m a coffee fiend at the best of times), and I’m even rocking a scary black lip. A little bit Halloween style, but lets just celebrate the day! (I also added in my Little Black Book of contatcts – a bloggers safely guarded book stuffed with important fashion and beauty contacts…)

black lipstick
The only thing missing from this little black box of favourites is a killer LBD! Or Little Black Dress for those not too familiar with the abbreviation. But never mind, you can shop my own range of black dresses over at my What Emma Did Boutique and celebrate with a striking black timeless dress.

From the very first photo at the top of this post, you can see I’m also rocking a snuggly black coat today too. All hail black for Black Friday!

what emma did

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did