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Lifestyle: How I Take Time Out

bath time
They say that nothing in life is ‘certain’, but there is one thing that is definitely certain in my life, and that is that I never sit still. At the moment, life doesn’t allow it, I juggle a career in PR along with running my dress boutique and blog, not to mention going to various events throughout the week. seeing family and trying to see my friends too. One thing most people ask me is “how do you relax?”. Because I never don’t have work to do, what is it that I do to take half an hour out of my hectic life and have a moments peace?

In short, I don’t really have much time to be ‘off duty’ but I do indulge in a past time that everyone loves to help the mind and body unwind – bath time! I was recently challenged by Matalan Direct, the newly-launched home improvements sister brand to Matalan, to share what makes my perfect bath time experience for their #MyBath campaign. I though this seemed like the perfect chance to share what I use in terms of fragrances and products to help me unwind. So below, I’ve put some pointers down that I adhere to every.time I give myself that little half an hour out to relax in the bath…

mybath a
1. Pampering with skincare products
Whilst I’m giving myself half an hour to slip way from the world and my busy mind, it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in a good cleanse, followed by a face mask. I like to use a real foamy face wash which gives a deep cleanse such as Origins Checks and Balances (you can read my review of this here) followed by trilogy Mineral Radiance mask (and the review for this is here too). This mask goes on charcoal coloured and sets quite hard, and when washed off, reveals the brightest and freshest looking skin. Bath times are the best times for me to treat my skin, as soaking in hot water means the steam opens up the pours, allowing any ‘gunk’ to steam out, and allows for a deeper cleans and products to work better. I mix it up with the Origins Checks and Balance Wash and the Origins Microdermabrasion Exfoliator, depending how bad I have been to my skin that week.

2. Green tea to detox and cleanse inside
So I pretty much drink around 3-4 cups of green tea per day anyway, and as I enjoy it so much, I like to bring in to the bath with me as well. Green tea is cleansing, detoxing and calming, packed full of antioxidants and speeds up the metabolism. I nothing more than relaxing in the bath with a mug – Summer or Winter…

bath time

3. Egyptian cotton towels
I have the loveliest, softest and comfiest Egyptian cotton towel from Matalan Direct which feels super soft to the skin. It’s an extra large size meaning I can wrap my entire body up in it from getting out of the bath. Standing up to get out of a warm bubbly bath into the cold bathroom is the worst part of taking time out to bath, therefore I like to heat this towel on my heated towel rail and wrap myself up immediately. It’s the nicest of quality and a real luxury addition to my bath-time routine.

4. Fragrance
Nothing clears the mind and sets my senses alive more than a beautiful fragrance suitable for the bathroom. I switch from using Matalan’s Coconut and Vanilla scented candle or diffuser to fragrance the bathroom, to using aromatherapy bath oils which are meant to bring on a real therapeutic experience and reach the mind and soul. Usually, if I’m just giving myself half an hour, I’ll just opt for the candle , as it’s dim glow relaxes me and helps me to breathe deep and switch off from any worries. Just be careful not to get the candle near any water of course!

bath time


5. Body preparation
As well as relaxing and using bath time to treat my face to a cleanse and mask treatment, I also use this time to prep my body too. I always add in a luxury bath cream to my bath, such as the Baylis and Harding Jojoba, Silk and Almond Oil sensuous bath foam pictured above, but then I’ll also pop a little bit of Fake Bake’s Passionfruit Polish onto a loofah and give my body a good exfoliation whilst in the bath too. I just wanted to say that the Fake Bake Body Polish is the nicest scented scrub I have ever used – it really is good enough to eat and such as pleasure to use. The perfect first step before tanning.

6. Luxury products
As I like to give myself a good half an hour soak to really give myself relaxing time out, I tend to use this opportunity to give my hair a treatment too, as well as my face and body. I have currently been trying out Ojon Moisture Rich Cleansing Conditioner, which is a luxury moisturising conditioner I leave on my hair for 5 minutes in the bath before rinsing off. It has the creamiest of textures and leaves my hair feeling super soft, detangled and completely nourished. This brand has just become available at Boots, and I feel it’s really going to take off…

7. Music
I usually have some background music playing whilst I take my half an hour out, normally a Spotify list I have created myself. I like to play acoustic guitar covers or live piano instrumental usually – something easy listening to help me switch off and think about nothing at all.

8. Nothing digital or electronic!
So this kind of goes against the point above, as my music will usually be playing from my iPhone or laptop, but what I mean is no texting, no instagramming, no emailing, no phone calls…  no social media at all! My ultimate bubble bath time is my time to relax and drift away into a world where I leave my busy online world behind, and just get lost in the uplifting fragrances and focus on pampering myself. For a blogger, it’s hard, but totally worth it. Nothing beats leaving behind the digital world for a little while.

Do you guys relax in a similar way? Do share your thoughts!

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