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Lifestyle: How I Manage Having an Online Career

Over the past 12 months, I’ve been pretty inundated with my day job, which for those who don’t know lies within beauty marketing and PR. However, at the same time, the past 12 months has also been a winner for me in terms of my online career – my blog, my boutique, my makeup artist service and my influencer channels.

I’m not quite sure how I manage to juggle them all and remain a steady success. But somehow, another year has passed and I’ve succeeded with my career. But the main question I get asked is how do I manage to grown my online career and business, whilst still having a ‘real life’ career, family, friends, relationship and a sort-of social life?

There’s a few things that have helped me stay on top of juggling everything over the past 12 months, and to be more specific, more apps, software and websites which have made my life easier.

So here they are! I’ve rounded up a number of aspects that have helped me build an online career and make it a little easier for me.

1. Makeup booking apps

At first, I was managing all my makeup artist bookings through Facebook messenger, my Gmail account, and Gumtree. Brides regularly contact me about booking me for their bridal makeup along with their bridal parties, and it got so difficult struggling to keep on track with all the different messages on all the different platforms.

Over the past year, 2017 has seen an influx of mobile booking on-demand makeup apps, in which I’m signing up to a few before the Christmas season kicks in. These apps allow people to book me via the app, in which all appointments are scheduled in the app’s calendar, along with any incomings and earnings.

The one’s I’m setting myself up on soon are Touch App and Blow ltd, so I really believe these will make my makeup artistry career a lot more organised!

2. Easy website building

Along with my blog, I have an online boutique and a makeup portfolio, not to mention various social media platforms. I have found that the easiest way to keep things professional, yet simple to manage, is to use a website builder. If you use a straight-forward one like Adobe Spark, it limits the time you spend trying to learn things like HTML and coding. You can always guarantee ease of use and the ultimate professionalism with the end results.

It’s worth bearing in mind for me that my online blog, boutique and makeup portfolio sell me as a person, so I have to try and use the best!

3. Social Media Scheduling

The more my followers grow, the more pressure I put on myself to deliver high quality content across all my social channels. Plus, I worry about whether I post often enough or at the right times. As I can’t constantly be on social media with having a day job, I use Hootesuite to schedule all my posts. I’d honestly be lost with it!

Facebook also has a simple posting scheduler if you have a business page, which I also plan in. Regular scheduling has pretty much saved my sanity over the past year, as there’s no way I could be posting at the most popular times of the day when in actual life I’m commuting on the M6, or eating my evening meal (although you may catch me Insta-storying my food!)

4. Photo editing apps

I’ve become a little reliant on these throughout 2017, and not because I heavily edit my photos, but because I do pretty much everything on an iPhone and the darkness of my photos is absolutely horrendous. I use Adobe Photoshop and BeautyPlus apps to lighten, brighten and sharpen my photos, and crop them to a social media suitable size of 600 x 600.

I stick to using just these two apps so that my phone doesn’t get too app-heavy, and I also don’t get too app-greedy…


5. Sunday evenings!

My lack of a social life on Sunday evenings has been an ultimate God send for me. From around 7 pm on a Sunday, I’ll upload any photos from the weekend and start writing up some content to schedule out through the week.

I’ll also reflect on my makeup bookings diary, clean my makeup kit, pack up dress orders, schedule social posts… it’s literally like a full evening’s work. But when you love your online job, it’s never a chore.

I hope these tips give you a little bit of inspiration if you’re wondering how to juggle having an influencer channel, or an online business, or whatever paths you may want to take. There are so many helpful websites and app’s out there created to make life easier for yourself, so do invest in them and help yourself out a little.

Any questions, feel free to drop me an email or a comment below!

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