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Lifestyle: Here Comes The Groom

If it’s not yourself who is getting married or becoming a bridesmaid, you usually can’t think of anything worse than spending a weekend dragging yourself round bridal and bridesmaid shops. Maybe it’s because I worked for the head office of a bridal and occasion retailer for years, or whether I just love anything to do with dresses, that I actually get a weird sense of enjoyment out of it. So when my friend asked me to pick some bridesmaid dresses for her the other week I was already expecting to have an amazing day!

We headed to the more affluent area of Sydney, Double Bay, and spent the whole day trying different styles of bridesmaids dresses on for her in an array of shades, lengths and materials, until we had shortlisted a couple of dresses which suited her. As I blog a lot for the wedding industry, it made me think that Grooms wear shopping for men mustn’t be half as fun, and I’m not even sure a lot of men know where to look when it comes to shopping for themselves and the Grooms party. As my blog is a a website which covers area’s about pretty much everything for everyone, I decided to make this post more aimed at all guys I know getting married this year and next, with a pointer for where to look if they want to make Grooms wear shopping affordable and easy.


First point is pretty obvious – men despise shopping. So if they can find a one stop shopping destination which covers everything from Mens Ties, bow ties, cravats, wedding waistcoats and general accessories without leaving their home, then perfect! That is what DQT – a men’s specialist retailer, aims to do. Since its founding in England in 2004 with a goal to sell quality, inexpensive ties, DQT Ltd. has become the pioneer and leading specialist in plain neckwear, wedding ties and men’s wedding wear and accessories in the UK. They have over 9 years of experience, providing affordable, quality, trendy and classy mens neckwear. In recent years, their range has diversified beyond traditional neckwear and now incorporates a complete selection including top hats, braces, mens waistcoats and beyond. So pretty much the whole package!


Today, with a customer base of over 100,000 and with stock of over 200,000 at any one time, DQT have expanded to the trade sector, offering dropship and wholesale accounts for high volume customers.

So if it’s your big day this year, and your other half is struggling to get motivated and into ‘shopping mode’ for the big day, perhaps check out this online retailer and see what they have to offer. The collections are extensive, with new styles added frequently! No excuse’s for the Groom-to-be not to look forward to a bit of wedding shopping now…

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