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Lifestyle: Flourless Protein Pancakes

Happy Sunday all! (or Monday if you are reading this in your inbox!). Just a little post this morning to show you a little simple recipe for protein pancakes which are completely flourless. If you ever feel like you indulge in too many carbs or wheat (which I am a total culprit for) then this may be a little help if you crave a sweet, carb fueled snack. There’s no added sugar and only two ingredients – just grab a large banana and two eggs!


This easy recipe takes as little as 10 minutes to prepare and make, and is ideal if you get those sugar cravings from time to time. The only sugar your getting is the natural sugar from the banana. So here’s what to do…

1. Chop up banana into as small pieces as possible. Add two eggs into the same bowl as chopped banana. Here’s the fun bit – mash to your hearts content. Keep mashing and mashing and mashing… or ideally whisk. Or blend. Whichever you fancy…


2. You know you have the right consistency of pancake mix when you spoon it up and it falls quite smoothly and frothy. A few banana lumps are fine, just make sure its not too lumpy. But if it is not to worry – it still works.

3. Heat your non stick pan (or lightly grease a pan if you don’t have non stick). Spoon up little portions of pancake mix and let ‘fry’ for 30 seconds. Using a utensil, flip the pancake over and let heat for another 30 seconds on the other side. And voila! The pancakes have a texture and taste the same as the inside of french toast – slightly gooey, but firm enough, mega sweet (but naturally) and in general, just taste like yummy pancakes!


4. Spread with a healthy 100% peanut butter or almond butter (I use natural almond butter) or if your feeling naughty, use nutella or syrup. As you are only using eggs and banana, these are packed with protein which is essential for skin, hair and nail growth, so this is what I like to call a little ‘beauty snack!’

Note: I tend to add a tiny teaspoon of baking powder, just to add that bit of ‘fluffy-ness’ – completely up to you- doesn’t make a big difference.

So those who know me will probably giggle at the picture below – presentation with food is not my strongest point, so my pancakes don’t look like nice, neat, circular, fluffy light pancakes! However they taste amazing and are cooked properly, but producing ‘beautiful looking food’ is just not Emma-ish. I’ve made plenty of cakes with cone type tops, and scones that look a bit ‘blown up’ – but hey it’s fine I’m no ones wife just yet, I’ll work on that skill when I am! I put almond butter on mine with a mug of green tea and there you – a nice, healthy, wheat free, sugar free lunch…


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