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Whilst my blog covers lots of things like heading out to fancy hotels on little weekend trips, sometimes our budgets may not be able to cover such luxurious attractions. So I thought it might be helpful if I compiled a little list of some fun ways that you can entertain yourself at home, that range from some cool online games and apps, to my recommendations from the world of streaming entertainment!

One of my favourite things is definitely to cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy a good binge-watching session of some great titles on Netflix. When I’m on my own, I particularly love the American comedy drama series Girls which sees Lena Dunham and a bunch of friends roaming around New York. I’m also gripped on the new Peaky Blinders series too! If I watch Netflix with my other half, then I can usually handle something a little tougher, and even the crazy apocalyptic world of The Walking Dead can get me gripped.

Online entertainment is another area where I can spend hours quite happily window shopping and coming up with fashion ideas. I’m a massive fan of Pinterest which allows you to make a visual pinboard of recipes, outfits and pretty much anything, whereas the Stylebook Closet app gives you the chance to create a virtual wardrobe of all of your favourite outfits – plus it’s got a built-in calendar so that you can plan for special occasions. I have Pinterest boards about all sorts of girly topics, here’s a little snapshot below if you want to go and join me over there!

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Whilst I’m pinning away and getting lost in my in my fashion world, I try to consider some more fun, light-hearted option which me and the fella can both be involved with. And that’s why online games can be a good idea. There are plenty of multiplayer games out there that are great fun to play on mobiles, and I particularly like the free Draw Something app that is like an online version of Pictionary that’s great for two players. And even when you’re on your own, visiting a site like Lucky Nugget Casino that’s been chosen by many in Australia can be great fun as it has tonnes of glamorous games like roulette, poker and slots that can definitely help save up for that next mega shopping experience!

Speaking of which, I can easily spend many hours window shopping for future fashion ideas on the internet. And with an endless range of ultra-stylish blogs out there like Always Judging to give us a little inspiration, it’s further proof that you won’t need to head out to look sharp. So from online casino games to great fashion resources to great TV streaming, there’s plenty of ways you and your partner can stay entertained indoors!


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