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Lifestyle: Being a Full Time Blogger

whatemmadid emma campbell

Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog post – I’m not ‘officially’ titled as a full time blogger yet. Although that entirely depends how you define it. The thing is, I actually am a full time blogger, but I also am a full time PR Executive Monday Friday, 8am-5.30pm too. 6am-8am is spent on the blog, as is 7pm – midnight most nights, which means that yes I may have a full time career, but I also run whatemmadid.com full time too. So the big question is – when does it end? When do you ever feel like it’s safe to run the risk of leaving a solid career and becoming a full time blogger? When is it ever the right time to take the leap and become self employed?

Here are a few tactics to think about and fully consider before making the jump yourself. And not just to become a full time blogger, but whatever side business or life change you might be working on…

1. Save emergency money
Before you start to seriously consider making the cut, start saving up an emergency fund. It doesn’t have to be a drastic save to start with. it can simply begin with putting £20 a week aside, and gradually building it up. When you start to set a date in your mind of when you hope to  achieve your goals of leaving permanent employment, start upping the money you are adding to the savings, and make sure you have enough to survive for three months incase the first months are slow starters.

2. Don’t be afraid to lend
Most successful businesses take on loans, especially if you are starting a freelance career on your own and need help with just running and affording your life in general. Lending Works is a peer-to-peer lending platform which matches shrewd lenders with creditworthy personal loan borrowers, so both receive a much better deal. It cuts out the middle man, so lenders receive great returns and borrowers receive low cost, flexible personal loans. There are no banks, no big bonuses and no sneaky fees. Lending Works  is an ideal platform for lending as they offer fantastic returns by lending your money directly to creditworthy borrowers. They benefit from low-cost loans while you earn interest.  When lending through Lending Works, your money is safe by protecting against the risk of borrower default.

3. Have a Plan B
OK so this may sound slightly negative, but it is actually just realistic; always have a Plan B. Think of the worst case scenario, because nothing is ever impossible. If something happens which prevents you from running your business or being self employed, you need a fall back which will pay the bills, mortgage, rent, whatever your situation might be. It could just be making sure you keep in contact with old industry contacts, or keeping a skill running strong so that you can always return to employment if the worst was to happen.

4. Utilise selling sites
There is nothing more satisfying that getting rid of old ‘things’ and making money from them. Work towards having a little bit of back-up money behind you by regularly selling clothes, old furniture, and any miscellaneous items. Try eBay, Depop, Amazon and the good old fashioned car boot sales. You have to be money savvy when it comes to setting up on your own, so make sure you are making smart choices about bringing in extra money.

Do you have any saving/lending/selling tips? Do feel free to share them below!

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