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Lifestyle: Artisan at Spinningfields, Manchester

On Friday night, a group of us headed to one of Manchester’s newest restaurant and bars, Artisan. I had heard lots about the place before my visit, all of which was very positive. However I had heard more about the interior and design of the place than the food or the drink, therefore I was looking forward to trying it out myself to see how I would rate it…

First, I have to say that I was overwhelmed by the interior, just exactly¬†as I had heard. Designed around an airy, loft style New York industrial warehouse, the place oozed a real sense of ‘cool’ with a stripped back easy going feel. With oversized wooden tables, metal beams, craftsmen furniture and art installations, I felt like I was in a designers loft studio. Very chic! It’s also a random comment, but the toilets were incredible! Grand glass doors paved the way, complete with a little ‘lounge’ before you enter, complete with full size mirrors and a grand interior. You kind of need to check these out yourself to know what I mean!


A group of 12 of us were seated towards the back, overlooking The Oast House, and enjoyed glasses of Prosecco followed by cocktails. My signature drink is a French Martini – if its on the menu, then I have it regardless of what else is on offer! And this one didn’t disappoint. Topped with little raspberries, it was delicious and went down a treat.


In terms of food, the menu was fairly extensive, boasting an unusual pizza list that intrigued me. Pizza toppings include Chorizo and Potato, Duck and Orange, Pulled Pork and Pineapple and Red Thai Curry. Amazing! I had however eaten rather a lot of bread that day so instead put my pizza craving aside and went for the cod cooked in cous cous, baked in a bread wrap. It came with a littler pot of tomato dressing, and I also ordered a mint yoghurt coleslaw on the side. I rarely order fish when I eat out, but as I’m on healthy eating regime I decided to go for it. I can honestly say it didn’t disappoint at all – it was full of taste, and the bread wrapping made it more of a meal. I really would recommend this dish.


In terms of price, it is reasonable, perhaps a number of the main dishes were on the higher priced side, but you do get what you pay for. A few of the girls crammed into the photobooth on the way out of the restaurant, before we all rushed to Neighbourhood across the way to continue drinking…

Another successful evening in Spinningfields!

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