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Lifestyle: Amazon Fire Tablet Review

amazon fire tablet
As an iPad user myself, and someone who has purchased the Hudl for my Mum before, I didn’t think I had any ‘time’ to check out any other tablet devices. I assumed the iPad was great for me, and the Hudl did more than it’s job for what my Mum needs from a device, and that was that.

But when I heard that Amazon had revealed its Fire tablet range, and that it would cost just £50, I was slightly intrigued.

See my Dad doesn’t have a tablet device, and it can get quite difficult showing him how to get his head around Amazon Fire on the TV, and his actual laptop. But with how simple it is to use tablets these days, and how handy they are for watching programmes etc, I suddenly decided this could be his potential Christmas present.

amazon fire tangerine

Amazon Fire Tablet Device

For £50, you don’t expect much. But after examining this handy product, I have to ask myself: Is it the best budget tablet money can buy? It could well be…

The Fire tablet has a 7-inch 1024 x 600 resolution IPS LCD touchscreen that, while it is not high definition, is still clear and decent for the price. Although my Dad isn’t too nifty with a camera, he’s started to spend much more of his time at home babysitting my baby niece, and I feel that the VGA front-facing camera (and a 2-megapixel snapper on the rear) complete with recording video might be just what he needs when being at home.

Instead of picking up his phone and clogging up his media storage, he could keep this tablet to hand and snap away.

Some other excellent features I’ve uncovered is that there is 8GB of storage on board as standard, but it comes with a microSD card slot on the side that is capable of expanding storage by up to a further 128GB should you need. And on the technical side, it has a 1.3GHz quad-core processor running the show, and 1GB of RAM. Many equivalents only have 512MB. So it’s safe to say this tablet is a speedy little thing, whizzing through its menu screens.

amazon fire tangerine

As the whole point of having a tablet device is to download and run all your favourite apps, it’s super simple to do so on the Amazon Fire Tablet. I’d say it’s especially nifty for those who are already apart of Amazons digital world, as in a Primer subscriber or watch TV via Amazon Fire Stick.

You will find the device is obviously Amazon heavy in terms of advertising etc, but like I say, if you are already a keen Amazon user, then this device may as well become part of your life.

I’m choosing to gift this to my Dad for Christmas, which is why I’m not taking the device back out from the package as I’ve got it all ready and waiting to be wrapped up and placed under that Christmas tree. I’d actually recommend this device for teens too, or for those who need an affordable tablet lying around the living room.

amazon fire tangerine

Well done Amazon – a great launch!

Fire tablet, £49.99

STOCKIST DETAILS: www.Amazon.co.uk

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