Lifestyle: A Guide to Liverpool and Why I Love It

So most of you know I’m a Manchester girl, born and bred here and tend to write about this city a lot. A hell of a lot some would say.

Aside from being a Manchester blogger, I’m also a journalist for various online Manchester news sites, so I tend to bore you all very often with whats going on around the city. Fancy a break from MCR news today then? Oh good, because I’m moving on to another city today in this blog post!

I thought I’d put a post together about my second favourite city, mainly because Easter is coming up and if a few of you are thinking of venturing elsewhere, I’d highly recommend Liverpool. It’s literally the city I love to go to for sooooo many things: shopping, drinks, dinner, theatre, festivals…  and a few of you may have caught a fair few posts about Liverpool on What Emma Did over the years.

I recently went on a hen weekend to Liverpool, and I blogged about a super lovely afternoon tea at Tea Parlour on Matthew Street, followed by a night out. Prior to that, it wasn’t so long ago I took my Mum and Sister to Liverpool for a weekend stay at a Travelodge, heading to see Dirty Dancing in theatre and a delicious meal on the Liverpool Docks.

So when I want to head out of Manchester – because lets face it, being a journalist and blogger for your own city can get a little tedious –  I tend to look at whats on in Liverpool first.

So that’s my next question: what is actually on in Liverpool for the remained of 2018?

Well, if I was to give a running commentary of everything going on in Liverpool, this blog post would turn into a book. But I sure can simplify it.

Here’s a few upcoming events I’m pencilling in and would like to try and get to in the coming months…

The first one is the Hairspray show, performing at the Echo Theatre on the 16th-20th April, so pretty soon. I’ve watched quite a lot of shows and productions at the Echo Theatre, and it’s brilliant – a good sized venue in the heart of the city, close to the bars and restaurants when you want to continue your day/night.

From March right through to May (so this is happening right now) Liverpool ONE has various Reading Trees situated around it’s huge shopping and entertainment centre. So if you want a little break and some quiet time to indulge in a good book, you can take a seat and browse through the books, and have a nice little read. What a lovely idea, right?

From the 12-14th April, there is also the Randox Health Grand National, so in order words, a good old races session! I LOVE getting dressed up and heading to the races. It’s such a fantastic day.

Close to my birthday, from the 15-28th May, Liverpool is hosting it’s own Bordeaux Wine Festival, which sounds right up my street. That would make a lovely ladies day out to Liverpool, especially as the bank holiday usually falls around those dates.

And not forgetting the Liverpool Vegan Festival on the 5th May. I may not be a vegan – nor a vegetarian – but I’m so intrigued at the different foods and meal options you can create when you put your mind to it, focusing on veganism. I’m not a huge meat fan, although I’m not sure I could give up cheese, but I do like to get some vegan inspiration.

You can see lots of full listings and ‘whats on’ inspirations over at Liverpool ONE here. But the infographic guide below could help you too!

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