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Lifestyle: A Day in Mykonos

I can remember the first time Mykonos was brought to my attention, and it’s no surprise as a blogger, that it was via Instagram. Last year, I saw a sudden influx in fashion influencers heading to Mykonos, walking through the white walled streets and the clean spaces. It looks sooooo pretty, and I knew it was a place I had to visit.

Fast forward 12 months and I have finally managed to visit the place, during my Greek cruise with P & O. Mykonos was our destination stop after Athens, so it was a wonderfully peaceful break after we spent a day racing around Athens, visiting the Acropolis, National Parks, Plaka (centre) and see all the ruins.

I’d describe Mykonos Town as a luxury destination – everything was premium and high-end. From the classy champagne bars which are intricately decorated and fit around 15 people inside, to the designer shops that line each other in stark white walls and interiors, it’s just breathtaking.

The restaurants are all locally ran and take so much pride in their appearance. Hanging ceiling decor, plants, stones, gorgeous furniture – it’s almost as if Mykonos Town was created purely for people to come along and Insta story the entire town!

One of the main tourist attractions is the line up of huge windmills that sit on the Mykono town skyline. So many people gather here overlooking the views of the sea, port and the town, all fighting to get photos in front of the Windmills.

We pushed out day trip out a little more and stole a few hours at a pebble lined beach towards the edges of Mykonos Town. It was so peaceful, overlooked only by what looked like private, exclusive apartments. Such a relaxing little place.

After a few hours sunbathing and a short dip in the sea, it’s only a short 10-15 stroll back to the town, where you are literally spoilt for choice with which pretty looking bar to take a seat at. We chose one close to the Water Boats that act as sea taxis to take us back to our cruise, just watching the passers-by and enjoying the views! (bikini in the above photo is from New Look)

We spent around 4-5 hours strolling the grounds of Mykonos Town, and I’d love to go back for a peaceful one week holiday. The place is known for some incredible beaches, so I’d be keen to visit them if I get the chance to come back…

Have you ever visited Mykonos, or have an upcoming holiday planned? Do feel free to let me know, I’d love to hear what you thought of it!

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