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Lifestyle: Favourites for summer

It’s finally feeling much more like Spring, so to get even more into that Spring feeling, I decided to share with you a few Spring favourites of mine. I’ve been having a bit of a clear out during the past week, replacing some old fashion and beauty products for some new fave’s. There’s a bit of a mix – from moisturisers to accessories – but here’s some of them!

lancome moisturiser
Lancome  Energie De Vie Moisturiser
As most of you know, I live a pretty intense lifestyle. I work around the clock and cram in as many social activities as possible, so don’t even get me started on lack of sleep. On a daily basis, my skin looks tired, dull and dry. That’s why I’m overly happy to have received this lovely new launch from Lancôme! This Energie De Vie liquid moisturiser is enriched with Goji Berry extract and Lemon Balm oil, aiming to leave skin looking energised, healthier, and hydrated. It’s inspired by new Korean beauty technology, with it’s liquid texture melting right in. So far I’ve found it a great base for make-up. Lancome say it’s like that post-gym glow in a bottle. And so far, so good! I’m trialing out the small capsule size samples at the moment, but I bet the full size product is a dream to own…

lancome energie
lancome energie
Baby Browne Tan
So I’m always on the hunt for new tanning products, especially those that are affordable yet provide a high quality result. The latest new tanning product I’ve been trying out is from Baby B Browne, a self tanning lotion in a medium shade, which aims to leave skin bronzed, radiant and revived. The lotion is developed to create a natural and long lasting tan, and I was happy to see that the self-tanning lotion has received rave reviews from beauticians and customers alike for its natural colour, moisturising properties and pleasant fresh smell. This lotion comes in one shade – Medium – as it is designed to react with each individual’s skin pigment to create a realistic looking tan that is specific to you. It’s worth noting that I am ghastly pale, like…. whiter than white. I haven’t exposed my skin to any ‘proper’ sun for such a long time due to lack of holidays, that I couldn’t be any paler.

With that in mind, I applied the tan for the first time on completely pasty arms. The vanilla scent was the first thing I noticed – it’s so fresh and sweet, making the application much more enjoyable. There is also a light guide colour when applying the tan, so you can see where about’s you are spreading it. It’s such a lightweight lotion to layer on, and also leaves skin with a slight glow once it’s settling into the skin. I applied this late at night, therefore analysed the development in the morning and was left with a lovely bronzed shade, which was a couple of shades darker than my pale skin. A few more applications and I’ll be on my way to sporting a deep dark tan!

You can tell this product is enriched with Aloe Vera, as the result was beautifully soft and smooth skin! For £14.95 (although currently in the sale so reduced even more at the moment) it’s totally worth it…

baby browne

baby browne

baby browne
I’ve recently been going a bit quirky with my jewellery, and have been sporting this cool graphic necklace from Wonderluk. When I first checked out this online jewellery retailer, I was wowed by their extensive collection of 3D designed accessories. The pieces are so avant-garde and much different to anything I have shopped before. I even wondered if I was ‘cool enough’ wear the designs (still not sure I am! The brand’s ultra-contemporary pieces have been digitally crafted, and are all 3D-printed to order in the UK. The piece really do take design to an entirely new level with so many inspiring new shapes worked into jewellery. If you love being unique, you’ll love this brand!

The Shoreditch brand create the jewellery from a durable high-tech nylon material which can be customised in 12 vibrant colours. When you shop, you can choose from a range of 3D-printed metals such as sterling silver or gold-plated brass. And to add to the individual touch, all pieces are hand-finished to perfection. How stunning is my necklace below? It sits neatly on my collar bones and looks super fierce in my opinion…

Cheap Ass Sunglasses
To celebrate the sort-of-sunshiney weather, I popped on a pair brand new sunglasses which I have just received from online retailer Cheap Ass Sunglasses. I wanted a soft brown type frame which were a slightly more rounded shape, which seems pretty ‘in fashion’ at the moment! After trawling their range of stylish shades, I stumbled across a pair called ‘Tequila’ – all the shades on this site do have some really cool names, and some even cooler descriptions. They retail in euros, and although my money translation skills aren’t too hot, I know that’s a very affordable price!

They sit really comfy on my face, and the colour scheme compliments my face and colourings, so I’m pretty happy I discovered this site. You can never have too many sunglasses – right? Take a look at their site over here too if you need to add some new additions to your current sunglasses collection.


So there we have it – a little round up of some of my Spring time favourites I’ve been playing around with in May. Keep an eye out for June, when I’ll no doubt be sharing even more favourites…

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  1. May 17, 2016 / 1:59 pm

    Love the shades! I really like that they are not black actually. It gives a bit of a softer contrast against the skin I think. I’m on the look out for a new tanning product so I might give that one a go. I really like Summer Body from Garnier, but wish it had some guide colour in it as I think it helps application.
    Thanks for this post! 🙂 x

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