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February has been a super busy month already, and we’re only two weeks in. I realised whilst planning some blog content that it’s been a while since I have put together an update blog post, basically about what I’m currently up to, and how I’m planning (or hoping, rather) 2016 will go. There hasn’t been too many major changes, although I now work on What Emma Did a lot more full time than before, and this year I am really pushing the What Emma Did Boutique. It only launched in April last year, but it started out so small, and I dedicated the majority of 2015 just finding my feet with it, setting up an ecommerce platform on the blog, and working on selling over at ASOS Marketplace.

So now with a couple of buying trips and photoshoots behind me, the future is looking good. But that’s not all I’m planning currently… take a little look below at how February onwards is shaping up…

1. New Boutique dresses launch
So to continue from what I mentioned before, I’ll be spending a lot more time on my dress collections over at my boutique. You’ll be able to continue to shop my dresses over at my blog, but I’ll be putting a lot more time into my ASOS store too, as it helps me reach a shopper who may not already be a blog reader. So far, some new Spring/Summer items have launched already, and I’m pleased to say there are some gorgeous little styles at affordable prices. So go check them out!

what emma did

2. Plan my 30th party
This year see’s me and my twin sister turn 30 – whaaaaat! Where on Earth did that crop up from? As turning 30 is a little bit of a milestone, we are planning our joint 30th birthday bash, which will entail a nice big golf club somewhere, a hot and cold buffet, bottles of prosecco and a bit of good old entertainment. I’ve been looking so far at a range of caterers and DJ’s, just to get some ideas and inspiration so far. With living fairly close to Saddleworth (and with it being so picturesque up there) I’ve spotted a couple of venues which have lovely grounds, and also some music ideas for live music, or typical party DJ’s. I really want it to be a special night with some unique touches, to make it a night to remember. I will of course be keeping an eye out for a show stopping dress too. Watch this space…

3. Arrange 2016 holidays
So 2015 saw me step into the big bad grown up world and buy my very first house all on my own. It’s one of the best things I have ever done – I absolutely love owning my own home and having an adobe I can decorate to my tastes. However, it was obviously an expensive step, so last year I sacrificed all holidays and luxuries.

This year will be different though, and I already have a few city breaks in mind that I’m planning, plus I have my eye on another adventure – skiing! I got this inspiration from the new Superdry snow campaign, which features the stylish ski wear collection. When I spotted the range of snuggly ski jackets, hoodies, hats and snow goggles, I realised how much I actually love this type of clothing and really want to invest in some key pieces along with planning a holiday on the slopes. I’ve never been so I would be a total newbie, but it’s something I need to try whilst I’m young and still semi-fit! The jackets feature warming faux fur hoods, duck down padding and quilting details for the ultimate heat holders. My favourite jacket is the one below, which is the Chevron Fuji Snow Edition Jacket.

Even though I’d be wobbling around on my ski’s looking slightly foolish, this colourful jacket would at least let me look quite fashionable.


Have you got anything exciting planned for February? Or are you making any interesting plans for the year? Do share!

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