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Lifestyle: Keeping Fit From 21

I was recently made aware of a topic up for discussion by a brand that I found quite interesting – ‘What advice would you give to your younger self?’. Well, at 28, some may argue I’m still young and shouldn’t have to advise my younger self on anything. Some may say whilst your in your twenties, they are your wild years. They should be stress-free, care-free, and hassle-free. I find that quite difficult to comprehend as your twenties can be the hardest – battling decisions about jobs, careers, travels, money, education… as well as being in that celebrity obsessed age group and constant media pressure, as well as pressure from friends. But, I do agree that your twenties are for trialing everything and everything, do whatever you wish to do. Be wild. Be careless. Make as many mistakes as you wish. Try things you know might be risky. If your lucky enough to make it into your thirties, you have that whole era to correct anything and settle. Just my view, but I feel it should be one everyone takes on too – life is way too short.

emma campbell

Aim for a healthy body!

Anyway, enough of the deep conversation – a discussion by legal brand Legal & General asked me to advise my younger self about an area in life I feel I can advise of now. I still think the above is true, however, one large bit of telling off I would do to the younger Em is ‘Stop eating and drinking crap and get to the gym, look after your body and focus on your health!’

I am naturally a slim build, but years of abusing this fact with university drinking, never going to the gym, eating Domino’s every Friday and piling fatty cheese on everything makes me look back at photos of myself and think “why did you not look after yourself?”. It doesn’t matter if you are naturally slim – working out and going to the gym doesn’t just help with weight loss, it tones your body, shapes you up, releases feel good hormones, improves your mood, improves your life span, creates healthy internal organs, promotes glowing skin… need I say more?


I think back to my younger eating and drinking habits and serious lack of any physical tasks and I cringe for myself. Your body is your life, it is you – never abuse it. Even if you dislike running or tiring sports, power walk for 20 minutes a couple of times a week at the gym (or not even at the gym). Have a week every now and again where you cut out sugar and fats. Look at alternative healthy food and replace your carbs every now and again.

When I work out regularly and eat healthy, I maintain a nice weight, my body is toned, my skin clears up and I genuinely look a picture of health. I look back at my early twenties and I don’t see one picture when I look like that, and I never remember feeling it either!

So I guess this leads to an open question for all you blog readers too… what advise would you give your younger self?

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