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Lifestyle: 15 Things Only Bloggers Will Understand

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Because being a blogger isn’t easy you know. Sometimes we feel empowered, sometimes we feel inspired, and other times, we feel plain useless. But that’s OK, the rest of the ‘blogeratti’ all get it…

Here is a top 15 round-up of things that only bloggers will truly understand:

1. Every meal – or anything delivered on a plate – is a piece of art and is the perfect photo opportunity
Yes, it is vital that we take a photo of every meal we eat at a restaurant/bar/take-out. It doesn’t matter if it’s a loaded up burger and tub of fries, or if it’s a nicely decorated plate of sushi and frozen banana smoothie. It is food art, and yes, everyone is interested in seeing a photo of it. Especially from a birds eye view. Nothing looks cooler and more exciting than a nicely styled plate of food, along with that crazy concoction of a drink. Fact.

2. Backgrounds matter
Where we place our full length mirrors in our bedrooms actually has strategic thought behind it. It matters more than anything what is lurking around in the background. Mirror selfies are perfect for quick outfit post shots and outfit of the day social media photos – sorry I mean #OOTD- my bad. We don’t want an overflowing paper bin or an unmade bed in the background. Trust me, that nice wall art and dimly lit candle has been placed there for a reason.

3. We drink coffee because it’s cool and it definitely makes a cool photo
A mug of frothy Cappuccino has never looked so appealing, especially when snapped and uploaded onto social media with a quote about how it’s needed for our hectic days ahead. Coffee looks great on instagram. People dig our photos of coffee and even more so, search for the hashtag. So yes, when we sit in Starbucks, we sure as hell are going to put that Cappuccino on Instagram. Usually discussing how this mug will help us fuel our day of blogging…

4. Crop and Filter. Every time.
What do mean, straight upload a raw photo on Instagram and Twitter? Not until we have edited with VSCO, flipped it, reversed it and re-opened it via ‘No Crop’. And then we use an instagram filter. And play around with the intensity. We don’t always look that flawless in real life (oops did I just admit that?)…

5. 24/7 WiFi
Bar, restaurants, cafes, workplaces, friends houses – we have to know the WiFi code. Because yes, we don’t want to miss a tweet from a follower or fellow blogger friend, we don’t want to miss a blogger opportunity in a Facebook group, and we certainly don’t want to miss refreshing out Instagram feeds. No WiFi equals one agitated blogger (be warned…)

6. We need a cool phone case
We love showing off our shiny rose gold iPhone’s with our mirror selfies, but what is even cooler is when we get an uber cute rubber animal phone case and we take a mirror selfie showcasing it too. Super sweet! Our phone cases matter more than you think. They contribute to our well thought through selfies…

7. We have internet friends
We do indeed. We have our own blog gangs and our own blogger ‘bezzies’. We tweet each other, retweet each other, and favourite each others tweets. Oh and of course, we like each others instagram pictures even if it is a photograph of some fancy blogger party and we wonder if our invite got lost in the post? We all share the same hobby and lifestyle – blogging – so the respect is instant. It doesn’t matter that we might not have actually met them all face to face (yet)… the girl who digs our beauty tutorials and asks if the strawberry daiquiri in the photo tastes as good as it looks actually knows more about us that some of our ‘real life’ friends do.

8. We go on girl dates, which are technically internet dates
We speak over the internet to other blogging gals, and then we arrange to meet at the entrance of a bar in town before heading to an event. Sometimes, we even ask bloggers we have never met before if they want to be our plus one. And sometimes, we even ‘hook up’ during the week and take outfit posts for each other. We are a lovely supportive community.

9. The postman is our best friend
We may work hard for a living, but we can’t afford to buy a new foundation or a new stylish dress to review every week. The postman does come to visit us quite regularly, usually ‘bearing gifts’. He thinks we are crazy. He can’t figure out why every delivery is in the form of a bulging jiffy bag or heavy box. He wonders what’s going on, but he never asks. ‘Whilst you are out cards’ are the bain of his life. Trips to the post office on a weekend are ours…

10. We stalk other bloggers
It’s more ‘crushing’, but sometimes, it is just plain noseying. We can’t help but wonder if the other blogger got sent to that amazing event by chance, or by asking, then we feel sad if we didn’t get an invite (as said above, we totally know a lot of invites get lost in the post…). Then we notice another stunning blogger who has commented on said bloggers post. Then we check out her blog. And we stalk her for a while. And then two hours of our lives are wasted. But it’s all personal research, right?

11. Prosecco and Canapes can make a good meal once a week
Blog events are great, but even more so when we don’t have to buy dinner for the evening! Canapes are more filling than you think, and those glasses of fizzy prosecco on arrival straight from work on an empty stomach can go to our heads fairly quickly. But that’s OK, it’s a bit of dutch courage for ‘networking’ all evening. Hiccup.

12. We also eat a lot of pretty cakes
Whether they come in goody bags, or handed to us on trays throughout events, we can assure you all that we eat lots of cakes. And not just your average slice of Victoria Sponge. We are talking fluffy coloured sponge, whipped icing, intricate topping cupcakes, handmade by a boutique baker. They are way too pretty to eat. But we eat them anyway. But we always take a photo of them before remember. Obvs.

13. Every outfit we wear is a potential outfit post
We don’t just throw on our favourite dress for a night because we like it, we think about what potential photo opportunities we could get out of it during the night too, which could double up as outfit posts and style shots for tomorrow’s blog post. Oh and as mentioned above, as our #OOTD of course. And #WIWT.

14. We spend way too much time on our phones
We really aren’t an unsociable bunch. We don’t mean to be rude and constantly be typing away on our phones. It turns out we are actually being socialable- but maybe just with the internet world. Yes, we may be refreshing our Instagram feed. We also might be sneakily checking our Gmail accounts. But we are listening. Promise.

15. We are posers
Goofiness gets us nowhere. A huge cheesy grin or funny face isn’t going to make that lipgloss desirable, or do many favours for how our faces look. We will tilt our heads to the side a little, and we will only shoot our favourite sides of our faces. We also find windows to shoot selfies infront of so we have the best light. Hey, a girls gotta try! What do you mean you never knew we did that?!

Bloggers – I see you nodding your pretty little heads…

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  1. July 24, 2015 / 2:21 pm

    loved this post! Spot on with everything. I think Blogging is what has made me addicted to the internet – I swear my phone is nailed to my hand! Everytime I know it’s time for an Instagram selfie, i will make sure my make-up is on point, as well as taking about 50 photos of the same thing, because yano, there is only one perfect photo out of them all!

    Much love! x

    • July 27, 2015 / 7:10 pm

      Glad you like! I think it sums us all up pretty well – in a good way of course 😉

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