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Jacque D’Azur back at Cannes…

We still have a full month to go, but the Cannes Film Festival in May have announced some very exciting news!  This year, they have a very special short film that will be premiered at the festival, featuring the one and only Jacques D’Azur!

For those who aren’t too sure who Jacques is, here’s a little info. He was a film producer/director/actor/tennis player/chess master/water skiing pioneer… so just about a jack of all trades! Back in his day, he would definitley be classed as a a bit of an ‘it’ guy, parading down the red carpets at glamorous events taking the title of best dressed male!

Embracing his greatness, Stella Artois have decided to create the short film about the life of Jacques D’Azur. With all his years experience in the film industry, and years of attending the Film Festival, Stella Artois couldn’t have chosen a better person! So what else do we remember about this dashing chap? Here’s some of the famous quotes people have said about Jacques over the years:

“One of the greatest attractons at the film festival was Jacque’s entrance. It usually received a better critical response than the films.”

“He was very balanced, he would never have lobster without following it up with truffle.”

“Jacque’s was the only person to be mentioned in every Cannes award winner’s acceptance speech.”

Can you imagine how amazing it would have been to have ever been accepted as Jacques D’Azur’s plus one to the Cannes Film Festival? Imagine the pressure of wondering what to wear? It would have to be the ‘ultimate’ gown, a real head turner… Here’s some idea’s of what I would wear if I’d had that honour!

Chloe Silk-Blend Tulle One Shoulder Dress, £4,680 Net-A-Porter

Butter by Nadia - Jersey Dress from Girl Meets Dress

Lanvin Grecian Dress, £1,333, Harvey Nichols

Note how I’ve gone for the Grecian look with each outfit choice? I reckon something sleek and chic with a Grecian feel would go down a treat on the arm of Jacques D’Azur! High heels, jewelled clutch bag and a sleek up do too…. So what would you wear?

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