Five things to consider when planning a wedding

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Weddings are supposed to be the loveliest of celebrations, ones that create lasting memories and establish a potentially lifelong bond between two soulmates. Such a momentous event should be relaxing and entertaining for the bride, groom, and all of the invited guests. Thus, it is imperative to properly plan and arrange a wedding to avoid a massive disappointment. So if you are planning your big day, consider the following five tips to help ensure the utmost in comfort and convenience for your guests:

1. Pick a Day Based on the Weather

There are some things that affect comfort which are completely beyond your control, like the weather. Fortunately, nowadays we can predict the weather fairly accurately even months in advance. Thus, one of the biggest factors you should take into consideration when choosing a date for the wedding reception is the forecasted weather conditions. Of course, this is especially important if all or part of the reception will take place outdoors.

2. Arrange Plates, Utensils, and Favours

Waiting until your guests begin to arrive to start the process of setting up is a common mistake. Ideally, your guests should arrive to pre-arranged tables complete with dishes, utensils, and a bag of wedding favours. Many people choose to have their guests retrieve their own plates and utensils before serving themselves from a buffet, but this option is obviously not as convenient as a pre-arranged setup.

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3. Make Food Easily Accessible

If you’re not going to be delivering food directly to guests, make sure it is at least easy to access. You don’t want huge lines building up because 10 people want a piece of cake and only one side of the table is accessible. Make sure you leave plenty of room in the aisles for guests to walk past each other, and make sure there’s plenty of serving space between each food item to give guests adequate elbow room.

4. Give Guests Name Badges

A great way to help everyone get to know each other is to include name badges in the favour bags. In addition to adding a personal touch, custom badges ( can make excellent souvenirs that people can use to remember your wedding years down the line. While opting for disposable nametags is the cheaper route, badges are more elegant and will last longer.

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5. Plan Seating Strategically

Who wants to be cramped into a pew less than an inch from the next person while perched in the back of a room hundreds of yards from the nearest room? Nobody, that’s who. Don’t make your guests feel like they’re trapped or set back too far from the food, festivities, and the ceremony itself. Everything should be close together, yet not close enough to give the feeling of being crowded.

Don’t Let the Pressure Stop You From Being Nice and Hospitable

Often, the stress and anticipation of planning a wedding can create a very hectic environment on wedding day. Don’t let the logistical burdens stop you from having a good time and enjoying the company of your guests. Greet everyone with a smile and remember that this is supposed to be a beautiful day, and beautiful things are never perfect.

This post has been provided by a guest writer. 

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