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Fashion: Winter Style Favourites


I’m super happy today to say that this week has been an incredible week when it comes to my What Emma Did Boutique. Not only did I start to branch out a little from retailing just dresses (OK so I launched into skirts, so not hugely different) but I actually sold out of three items as soon as I listed them.

I guess it goes to show just how many of you have got your Winter/party shopping heads on as soon as November approaches! The sell-out items in particular include my Black Mesh Stripe Midi Skirt, which due to popular demand, I’ve gone and started stocking in white now too. You’ll just have to wait until after the weekend when this new colourway launches, and more stock of the black version comes back in too.


I can totally see why this classic style skirt has been a sell out; it’s so easy to style up or down with just about anything.

Some other popular items that have whizzed out of stock includes the pretty dress below. Each one must be seen by you girls out there as lovely occasion/winter wonder style outfits, which I’m overly happy about.



Whilst I’m on the subject of fashion, I wanted to touch on that I’m in desperate need for some new recommendations regarding footwear brands. I’ve got another shoot booked soon for my new boutique stock, and I’m looking for a women’s footwear retailer which have some classic, beautiful style heels, but for an affordable price. I switch up my shoes a lot to match the different dresses from my collection, but now I’ve completely ran out of inspiration.

For Winter shoes however (you know, the ‘warm’ casual styles), I’ve actually got myself sorted. I discovered a genius footwear brand called Get Lit Shoes which retails those marvelous light-up sole trainers – but for adults! I’ve seen my little niece running around in her own super cool pair, but I wasn’t aware you could actually get some smart adult styles too. They remind me of being an actual ‘dancefloor’ for your feet, with trendy black canvas high tops lit up with clean bright lights. They also retail kids shoes too, so if you wanted some inspiration for your little ones, you’d love this too!

I’ve also hunted down some fantastic knee high flat boots to pull over my skinny jeans and tights for the colder season, but finding a catwalk inspired evening shoe retailer which hasn’t got the hefty price tag (yet keeps the high quality) is proving a mission.

However, my Winter coat is all sorted thanks to this 90% wool version from Marks & Spencers. I love grey and black, so when I saw this smart color combination just hanging there in the petite range, I grabbed it and owned it right there. It cost £90, which was a little more than I was looking to spend, but totally worth it for it’s good quality finishing and materials.


Answers on a postcard please! Or just some assistance in the comments will do nicely…

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