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Fashion: Wearing Ray Bans from Shade Station

This Monday morning, I’ll echo everyone’s thoughts from this weekend – just how nice has the weather been? This scorching hot weekend has seen me celebrate two christenings, one falling on Saturday and the other on Sunday. Both of the christenings took place in unusually warm weather for Manchester, making them both two of the loveliest Christening days I’ve attended.

And with the arrival of warm weather came the arrival of a fair few things that I’ve been hiding for a while. My pasty white legs for one, a decent pair of shades as number two, and a pastel coloured short dress as number three. All three came out and embraced the weekend – although I was much more impressed with the return of the sunnies and short dress than my horrifically white looking legs. Anyway, I’ll tackle the tan problem later this month. That can hold off until my birthday (29th May!). But for now, lets all take a look at this pretty little pale blue dress from Lavish Alice which I dressed up in, and my beautiful new shades from Shade Station.

The sunglasses are actually my very first pair of decent, ‘special’ sunglasses. You know what I mean… when people seem to strut around in a fancy pair of Ray Bans or Michael Kors shades and you think to yourself “man, I really wish I owned a pair”. I always got away with buying High Street styles, but you know when you just really want to be proud of a designer pair of sunnies you own?

The pair I’m wearing – and will be bringing on holiday with me – are the Ray Ban RB4221 pair (that’s possibly the more technical name), also known as the Rubberised Dark Havana Frames. They were originally retailing at £100, but were reduced to £75, which to me is a great discount. This type of style, which has a soft brown frame and graduated brown lens, seem to suit me a lot better than aviators. I got lots of compliments at the Christening I attended in which I wore these to. Definitely a new favourite accessory of mine!

Ray Bans
ray bans
ray bans
ray bans
ray bans
ray bans
I’m not sure if this warm weather will stick around (let’s be honest, it will be a distant memory come Tuesday), but I am pretty happy to be back wearing pastel coloured short dresses, and I always find this Lavish Alice number to be a Summer time favourite. It can literally come out for any occasion – I’ve worn it to weddings before, birthday parties, blog events, and even those garden party style get-togethers when the evenings aren’t so cold.

I’m also pleased to have come across Shade Station, as I hadn’t ever heard of them before. Plus, they don’t just retail lovely sunglasses, they actually retail designer glasses and watches too, with over 140 of the world’s leading brands. I’m in need of a shiny new watch, so I may indulge in some more shopping over on the site when (or if!) I get some 30th birthday spends…

ray ban

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