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Fashion: Viva Las Topshop

…And just when I thought Las Vegas couldnt get any better, TOPSHOP only go and announce they will be launching a flagship TOPSHOP and TOPMAN in the world’s most eclectic city!

Cult British high-street style champions TOPSHOP and TOPMAN will open their 3rd American flagship store this March 2012 in the popular shopping destination, Fashion Show Mall, Las Vegas.

The store will comprise of 20,000 sq ft retail space on a single level, with a dramatic 180 foot frontage, to be created by incorporating four current stores and part of the existing mall. The sleek design will host the latest key trends across both womens and menswear, with a host of signature departments showcasing the best the two brands have to offer. It is estimated that more than 170 staff will be employed to give customers the ultimate in personal service and fashion advice.
TOPSHOP in Las Vegas will also offer the extensive range of TOPSHOP Make Up, which has proved to be a successful launch for the brand following it’s success in the UK. I have only been to Vegas once when I was 21, but from what I remember, the shopping was fantastic. But now you think about it, of course Vegas is missing a TOPSHOP! I suspect the stylish people of the gambling city are going to fall for the Topshop charm, and I’m sure it’s going to please the British visitors to the city no problem!
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