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Fashion: Vintage Style at Clothes-Box.com

Vintage lovers listen up – there’s a new vintage online store arrived! A new destination to shop a range of cute and quirky vintage clothes has launched, which has some really pretty styles. I for one am not a vintage shopper – I volunteered at Oxfam Vintage in Preston whilst I was at uni and only then did I have a stint at dressing vintage. I think some people can really carry out the whole vintage-glam look, but I usually tend to opt for a more modern look personally.

So when I was approached by Clothes-Box last month to take a look at their website, I was sceptical. However, it was nice to be pleasantly surprised. Clothes-Box is an online boutique that brings the quirkyness of Modcloth, and style of Nasty Gal to the UK. It’s a mix of vintage & retro inspired fashion stocking a selection of brands alongside original vintage clothing, so that shoppers can mix and match vintage and new to create their own individual look. There are some really cool brands featured that are quite hard to find in the UK, like Dear Creatures, Dainty June, and Skunkfunk which give a unique edge to the retailer. Given that vintage clothing carries many  environmental benefits,  the e-tailer stocks as many green and ethical  brands as they can too. At present, a designer is  currently preparing patterns for a new section on the site where customers can  pick from vintage fabric swatches and garments for their own custom made skirt or dress.

I picked a dress from the website which is from Glamorous, so one of the more modern brands on the site, yet the dress had a real vintage, shabby chic feel. As mentioned earlier, my style isn’t usually vintage so it would have been pointless to pick something really retro looking, and I found this dress was more ‘me’, take a look…

Long sleeves – perfect for Winter nights out! And we all know I’m not the best at photo’s of myself on here that I’ve set up for the blog (hehe!) so here’s just a head shot of me wearing the dress last weekend. It got lots and lots of compliments! More that I expected! It does look really elegant and unique, not the sort of dress I’d expect to see someone else wearing in the same bar as me! Cringe! (right hand side)

It’s from the brand Glamorous which you may have heard of before. All in all, if you are a lover of the vintage world and are quite stylish dresser who loves an individual touch, then I think you’ll love this site!

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