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Fashion: Simple Shopping Tips For Engagement Rings



Today’s post is one aimed for the men, which doesn’t happen too often on the blog. Recently, a lot of my male friends are thinking about ‘popping the question’, and I’ve heard a real mix of concerns and worries, along with a few panic stricken moments regarding the shopping aspect.

If your partner is pining away for a ‘simple’ engagement ring, you may ask yourself, what does  a ‘simple’ engagement ring even mean? There is no easy accounting for taste, so if the love of your life wants you to keep it simple; I’ve put together some tips for men to help try and get this all important moment just right. After all, it’s one of the most important purchases they’ll possibly make in their lives, and men are useless at shopping, right?

For most men, the purchase of an engagement ring is going to be their maiden voyage into the labyrinth of women’s baubles and they’re afraid. Very afraid. Walking into a jewellery shop as a man is like walking into a 5-year-old’s birthday party dressed up like a piñata; you’ll be spotted immediately, descended upon, and played from the get-go. Your lady is worth whatever you feel, not what you buy her, so don’t be guilt-ed into spending money that you don’t have. No lady wants to know their man is going to be forever in debt due to the huge rock she’s wearing everyday.

However, shopping online is a sure-fire way to avoid the awkwardness of browsing the shiny windows of a jewellery store, and Tivol is a great place to start. It’s a fine jewellery and timeless piece retailer, with so many different styles of rings and jewellery to suit all tastes. But the main thing is that the site is simple and easy-to-use, so it takes the stress out of all that searching.

With this in mind, here’s how to find a simple and elegant wedding engagement ring to make her happy:

1. Budget

First, let’s consider your budget. If you’re looking for a simple engagement ring, it might be because you’re low on money and you’re trying to stretch it. Let me just say this one thing about your budget; it’s good enough.Whatever it is, it’s good enough. You will be able to find something beautiful with what you have.

There’s a whole lot of pressure on a man to get something eye-catching that his lady can show off to her friends, and her father can judge you by. But it isn’t all about dolling out the maximum bling.

There are many attributes of unique engagement rings online that make them bespoke and wonderful for the wearer (and prevent it from getting nicked on garments). And of course, all while reducing the required budget to purchase one. Most ladies want to start their new life debt-free or make memories during the most epic of honeymoons, so you can relax the pressure on your pocket book, if only a little. The below photo is taken from a wedding jewellery event I attended, when I awkwardly felt a million dollars trying on this particular rock…

yellow diamond

2. Materials

Lets talk metals: Gold is nice, silver is a little too flexible and temporary –yet platinum or titanium are much more affordable, and a heck of a lot more durable than other engagement ring band options. These ultra-durable engagement ring bands can also be quite functional for a lady that works with her hands and runs the risk of nicking her jewellery on other hard surfaces.

3. Stones

Diamonds are not necessarily a go-to for engagement rings arrangements. You have a whole planet of stones to choose from, from birth stones to one-of-a-kind gem stones –old and new. Does your lady’s personal style jive with a diamond? Most don’t. Not everyone walks around town looking like Elizabeth Taylor in her younger years.

Take a gander in her jewellery box and look at her wardrobe? If everything isn’t Chanel, I think it’s safe to explore different stones and colour combinations, and maybe even limiting the arrangement on her ring to a single stone instead of a symphony of gaudy.

engagement rings

4. Size

Go back to that jewellery box and make note of her ring size. Being a little James Bond in this area will help increase the element of surprise and it’s too easy to do; snap up a ring and bring it to the jeweler for reference. If you’re worried about your lady thinking she’s been robbed, try tracing the ring on paper and leave your specimen behind.

It really is a good idea to seek a little advice from any female friends, and most importantly, don’t get swept up into the whole designer bespoke jeweler game, being forced by a sales lady who has spotted your vulnerable clueless side regarding rings.

Take note of the above, and lets just hope she says yes!


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