Fashion: Prom Memories with Sherri Hill Prom Dresses

Prom night is a night you’ll remember for years to come. As the UK has already celebrated their prom, I wanted to put together a little post aimed more at my American readers, who have their big prom night coming up this month. As prom is usually the ‘first big night’ for you, it’s usually the first time you have to make the right prom dress and accessories decisions. Spring may mean the beginning of warmer weather, but for high school students it symbolizes the end of an era, meaning graduation is near and everybody panics about that all important outfit to buy. As your senior prom only happens once, you want to make it a night that you and your best friends will remember forever when you spot old photos. So make sure you get it right: here are some tips to have a memorable prom, while being fashion and etiquette conscious of course!

Fashion Tips for a Memorable Prom

1. Start looking for the ideal prom dress in plenty of time. Consider looking in boutiques or online stores for ideas – the more unique the better as you don’t want to turn up matching to someone else! Sherri Hill prom dresses 2016 offer many choices, since she’s inspired by celebrity designs and tailors them to teens. Take a look at the Sherri Hill collection at New York Fashion Week below.

2. Learn the trendy hairstyles of the seasons and decide which one most compliments your dress. For a strapless or halter style dress, consider a stylish bun or with a braid wrapped around it. This allows you to show off your shoulders and wear long drop earrings – prom is a good time for crystal accessories.

3. Plan for style and comfort on prom night, because if you’re wearing four-inch heels and stumbling you won’t have fun dancing the night away. Opt for more comfortable shoes, but ones that still match your dress.

4. Consider borrowing some vintage accessories from your grandmother to complete your look and save money. If you blew your budget on the dress or just like the like of antique jewelry, ask if you can look through her collection. Your grandmother may have the perfect chunky heart pendant or string of pearls for you. Plus, it is the lolviest thing to turn up for such an important occasion with a treasured possession.

5 Have your prom dress professionally altered. If it’s too big, you’ll be adjusting it all night and worrying about showing too much cleavage, whereas if it’s too tight, you may be trying to discreetly pull and tug to cover certain areas. Make sure it fits perfectly so you won’t be worrying, or playing with straps…

Mystic Night Bodycon Midi Dress

Other Tips for a Memorable Prom

-Remember to buy your date flowers. This is more popular in America than it is in the UK! You don’t want to show up at prom and be the only one without a corsage or boutonniere. You can always hint to your date what kind of flowers you like as well as telling what color your prom dress is, but don’t be demanding about it.

-If you opt for a wavy hair look, practice the style way in advance. Once you have started to curl or wave your hair on the prom evening, you won’t have time to wash and straighten it again if it all goes wrong. Time and practice are key!

what emma did

-Find a scenic spot to take photos early in the evening. If you can avoid the spots that everyone goes. Do you know of a tucked away garden with a bridge in the back of a park? If so, try to get there as early as possible before the rest of your classmates follow.

-Rock your entrance by arriving around 30 minutes after prom has started. At the beginning, everyone just arrives and mingles awkwardly so around 30 minutes you can arrive and everyone will stare at how stunning you look.

-Make memories that will last forever. While it may be challenging to dance in a prom dress and heels, kick up and your heels and live a little and this is one of the last times you’ll party with your classmates. Gather some of your friends for some heartfelt or humorous photos, especially if there are props and a photo booth.

-Above all else, remember to stay calm if all of the details don’t go exactly as planned. While we all dream about the perfect prom night, we generally remember prom with fondness more when we talk about the funny mishaps we encountered.

A Prom Night To Remember



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