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Fashion: Miss Pap Trousers

How amazing are these camel coloured trousers? You may have seen one of my latest outfit posts which went live a few days go, about discovering Miss Pap and the brand stunning – yet affordable – outfits. I shared this gorgeous Sara Rose Choker Midi Dress from Miss Pap, and since then I’ve been a little obsessed with the site.

So my latest Miss Pap discovery is trousers! Something I rarely purchase, as I’m always more of a dress/skirt type of dresser. However, I spotted these Chanel Camel Side Popper Trousers which are absolutely fabulous.  They feature a straight leg cut and sassy side details, in the form of shiny gold popper buttons. I know I know, how cool!

The gold popper buttons mean you can fasten them up for a smarter, more professional look if you wanted, and them pop them open if you wanted to show a bit of leg. For me, they work as a bit of a Summer/Winter item – keep the buttons closed when its cold and raining, but pop them open and strut around with those trousers flapping open in the breezie, warmer Summer days.

They cost £35, and I discovered them from the Blogger Style section of Miss Pap. They are one of my more recent investment items, as I see them as both a day time and evening wear pair of trousers, and will feature in both my Summer and Winter outfits. The material is really light, and I actually feel like I can slay all day in these sassy pants!

I’ve teamed them here with a high neck dark grey strappy top, but I’m also planning on pairing with a fitted long sleeve white top for work too. Versatility at its finest…

I also got my hands of these beautiful grey fitted skinny jeans from Miss Pap too. I know – I’m getting Miss Pap crazy at the moment. I have a petite frame and with being quite small, I can struggle to find stylish items that fit well, but every item I’ve had from Miss Pap has fit me super well, so I’m kinda just going on a  Miss Pap role at the moment.

I found this fantastically fitting jeans in the Skinny Jeans section. They cost just £20 and I can literally pair them with anything, including bright red, which is a look I rarely ever opt for…

Once again, super happy with Miss Pap!

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