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Fashion: Lounge Wear Loving

myprotein joggers
I’ve quickly become a huge fan of more casual clothes over the past six months, with a considerably larger amount of sweaters, joggers and hoodies lining up inside my wardrobe. I think half of it stems from enjoying going to the gym and appreciating the sports luxe trend, and the other half comes from continuously discovering new brands and styles.

My latest favourites come in the form of these super comfy jogging bottoms from MyProtein. The brand seem to be most popular for their Protein powders and snacks, but they actually retail an incredible selection of workout wear and clothing too. I own a fair few cropped tops and leggings from them now, not to mention my cute pale pink gym bag as pictures below, and a warm oversized black hoody I use to walk to the gym in (…and an exhausting fitness day with them, which you can read about here)

myprotein bottoms
what emma did
work out wear
These jogging bottoms are my new go-to pair for those lazy weekend days lounging around the house, yet I also pop them on when I’m having more of a weights day at the gym, or when I’m chaining myself to the floor for a session of sit ups and leg work. I love the whole slim fit feature to them, as we all know that for girls, there is nothing more unflattering than a pair of baggy sweatpants!

To build up my collection of uber cool lounge wear, another latest addition is this quirky logo sweater from Defected. At first I thought it was ‘too cool’ for me, with it’s bold lettering and number 15 on the back, and also because Defected is actually associated with the house music and record label industry. But I’m a huge music lover, so I can be cool enough, right?

When I pair it with my joggers I just feel major comfy! I guess it does add a touch of style to my lounging look, and also looks great paired with some fitted black leggings.

I think I’ll definitely be sporting a lot more casual clothing this seasons – all hail the oversized sweats and joggers!

myprotein jogging bottoms

defected sweater
defected sweater
The slim fit bottoms are £16.99 and the bag £12.99 from My Protein, and the sweater is from the Defected store costing £50.

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