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Fashion: Investing in luxuries


So January arrived and I did it – I bought myself a designer bag. No, it wasn’t Mulberry or Marc Jacobs. In fact, it cost under £50. It could almost be classed as a High Street purchase, because it cost just £47. And it’s from Debenhams. But hey, it’s still designer.

In a bid to remain as frugal and thrifty as possible this year, I set out to buy a new handbag which was designer, yet High Street at the same time. I had a budget of £50, and most people said I was nuts if I thought I’d find a decent one for around that pricing mark. However, I managed to find a Betty Jackson handbag from the Betty Jackson.Black collection as part of Designers at Debenhams. It should have cost around £70, but was reduced, and then had a further 20% off. It’s the exact same style as some of the premium designer bags I have my eye on, without the hefty £250 sale price tag. So far, it’s racked up a lot of admirers, with the majority of them asking “what designer make is that bag?”. So I could pretend and say Chloe… but that would be a far cry of a lie, and a major embarrassment when someone leans over and asks to see the logo.

There are currently sales of up to 70% off women’s clothing and accessories for some Debenhams delights at the moment, so if you need a new bag too, that could be a handy place to start…

what emma did

betty jackson bag
betty jackson bag

betty jackson bag
For me, the first aim of my money saving New Year has been successfully completed. I got the style of bag I wanted, from a designer, at a super affordable price. But it doesn’t stop there, there are so many other things I want and I’m determined to continue busting the sales like a mad sales obsessed woman. So what do I do when January ends? How do I seek the best bargains?

I’ve just come across a new site called Everyday is Black Friday, set up by entrepreneur Ferencz Kaszoni. The new website is helping savvy saving Brits like myself score the best deals on the high street, with an automated algorithm that actively tracks down rock bottom prices. Apparently, the site took eight months to be written and developed so that Everyday is Black Friday can actively scan the internet for price drops on over 150 major retailer websites. The software currently processes over 1.5 million products every day, sourced from some of the largest UK retailers including Argos, Currys and John Lewis etc. The deals are updated constantly, so you always know that the very lowest price is showing, and older deals are pushed down as new ones arrive, always delivering up-to-the-minute offers.

As the site aims to keep improving itself and grow even bigger throughout 2016, Everyday is Black Friday will be expanding its reach with a target of 100 million products per day. So if you want to find the very lowest price for pretty much anything, it could be worth entering your search items onto the this site first!

The below photo shows my latest thrifty sales shopping outfit, which I wore on an evening out last weekend, and the entire outfit cost just £30 (yes, including the shoes!).

what emma did
How if your thrifty January going?

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did