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Fashion: Footwear Favourites

bedroom athletics
cosy knee socks
Today’s post is a little one to list some recent footwear favourites I have come across lately, which I wanted to share now it’s reached minus temperatures here in Manchester (and the rest of the UK no doubt!). I haven’t really invested too much time this Winter is purchasing quality Winter footwear, which is a downfall on my side, as Spring seems a long way away and it’s only getting much colder.

So for the season of frosty toes and puddles galore, how do we get any pretty footwear inspiration? I’ve rounded up a couple of cosy options inspiring me lately…

cosy knee socks
cosy sock slippers
bedroom athletic
1. Slipper Socks
When I first laid eyes on these Bedroom Athletics Slipper Socks, I wasn’t too sure what to think. At first I was like ‘but these are seriously long up the leg’, and questioning ‘would these even go underneath my PJ bottoms?’ – essential questions for very important situations. However, these fur lined knee high slipper socks do indeed fit underneath my loose fitting PJ bottoms, yet also look and feel amazing when walking around my house in PJ short and a dressing gown, to keep both my feet and legs warm. You know that shivery feeling when you first get out of bed on a Saturday morning and need to warm up before making space on the sofa for a lazy TV morning? This is when I appreciate these socks the most. For £15, they are what I call an investment footwear favourite for life – not just for Winter!

2. Sinderella Ballet Shoes
OK so I know Ballerina pumps are more of a Summer item, but what I have found so far this Winter is that I’ve been going out during the evening wearing high heeled ankle boots because it’s too cold to wear open toe pretty heels or nice girly flat shoes. But then I head back to my car, and have those awkward struggling moments of trying not to stall when finding the biting point in my car. I discovered Sinderella shoes when I researched finding a stylish pair of fold up flats, which come in their own trendy holder to keep neat and compact in my car. So no matter where I am ‘trotting off’ to in my big heeled boots, I can whack them off as soon as I’m in the drivers seat and pop on these cute flats. For £19.99 (currently on sale) they are a pretty amazing bargain, but I’m also offering What Emma Did readers an extra 15% off if you enter COMFORT at the checkout – super cheap!

personalised insoles
personalised insoles
personalised insoles
3. Alice Bow Personalised Insoles
As quite a naturally slim built girl, I find that as strange as it sounds, my feet suffer the worst in terms of looking incredibly skinny. So much so that although I’m a size 4 shoe size, I have to sometimes downsize to a 3 because the width of size 4 shoes just create a foot-slipping-out-of-the-shoe problem. I never really messed with the idea of getting insoles to add a bit of depth to my high heels, and help my feet fit more snuggly into my shoes, although it was always in the back of my mind. Any how, I was recently introduced to the lovely Alice Bow brand, who design personally hand-crafted Italian leather insoles, featuring superior quality orthopaedic padding delivers breathable, anti-bacterial and lasting comfort. I got my hands on a beautiful shiny silver pair with ‘Emma’ embossed onto them, and I’m wondering how I never ventured into owning such a luxe pair of insoles before. That pinching feeling after wearing those five inch stilettos that are beautiful to look at yet crippling to wear is reduced by half, my feet feel more snug strapped into stacking heels, and I just overall feel my feet are now so much more looked after. They also make a belter of a present for a high heel wearing friend if you get them personalised, like mine above.

4.  Thigh High Boot Trend
All hail this stunning footwear trend, which has now allowed rocking a thigh high heeled boot to be a stylish thing and no longer about looking ‘cheap’. I’m currently loving this trend because it means I can pop on my skinny fitted jeans no matter how worn they look, and the thigh high boot pretty much covers them up. Or, even better for me, when I wear fitted black leggings to the gym and then pop a pair of big socks on finished with thigh high boots over and head to work – it’s literally like no effort at all. I do often find though that a lot of thigh high boots can be fairly wide fitting and sometimes gape a little over my knee, so I’m now looking at investing in a pair of quality knee length boots. I’ve spotted some gorgeous leather ones over at Jones Bootmaker, so hopefully this will be my next investment purchase!

5. Inject some colour
I’m the girl who wears black pretty much most days, but if you catch me on a particularly good day, I might even spice it up with grey or navy. So in general, I’m quite a dark sole when it comes to fashion colour palettes. This is one of new new years style resolutions, and the best way for me to try and kick this off is to inject some colour into my footwear. Just a touch mind – I won’t feel too much like myself if I’m strutting around in a pair of electric purple platforms just yet. I’m taking inspiration from shoe brands such as Ruby Shoo and Irregular Choice, who always deliver with some fascinating designs in an array of bold colour ways.

Best put forward it is then!

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