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Fashion: Dressing up with Chi Chi and turning 30

For those of you who aren’t aware, I turn the big 3 0 next month. Yep… this baby face will be taking the steps into the dirty thirties, and I’m pretty unsure about how I feel about it. I mean, you’re as old as you feel, right? I guess I feel approaching 30 though. In terms of my life, I’ve ticked quite a lot of boxes in terms of the things I want to do. I’ve had more than my fair share of nights out, I’ve worked for some pretty cool fashion retail head office brands, I’ve launched my own business, I’ve travelled and lived in Australia, I’ve holidayed to some lovely places, I’ve bought a house, I’ve rented apartments in the city, I’ve built up different circles of friends, I’ve got the car I want, I learnt how to be trained up in make-up… I’m not too sure what else I really need to tick off?

Nights out are less appealing to me now, if I refer to the ones that are just ‘for the hell of it’ where I get silly drunk and struggle to remember getting home the next day. I much prefer meals out with friends, or little groups heading out to cocktail or wine bars, having a good old chat. I like to go to the gym, and I absolutely adore going shopping. I want to get into cooking more and start getting better at it, so I guess that means I’m an average 29 year old, right?

The only things I possibly regret a little is that I wish I had been a little more savvy with saving up, but I’m still in quite a decent place with that, and I’ll have equity in my own home I bought, which means my next house will be a biggy. And hopefully a ‘forever house’ – one I can live in with a husband and child. I think that leaves me in a pretty good position for turning 30? So maybe for me, I really as as old as I feel, but how about I switch it and say ‘you’re only as old as you look… ‘ which means I’m technically about 24. I’ll take that!

So – surely you didn’t think I’d turn 30 on the quiet then, did you? Not a chance. The weekend before my 30th, myself and my boyfriend will be climbing Snowdon, and the weekend after that I’ll be throwing a joint 30th birthday party with my twin sister, complete with a photobooth to capture the memories, and our closest friends and family gathered together at a golf club in Saddleworth. Oh – and of course – a rather lovely dress.

The dress in this blog post is one of my potential runners for the 30th birthday bash, and I am sure you will agree it’s pretty special. It’s the Chi Chi Nessa Dress, a laser cut midi dress in navy, complete with little straps and a cocktail style skirt. The bodice is fitted complete with bust padding, and the dress in general is slightly heavy, giving it that feel of good quality material. How lovely is it! I love the high neck detail too, as high necks are a feature I always seem to feel suit myself and my shape quite well, although sure why that is!
On the photographs above I have teamed the dress with a pair of nude heels, but I think for the run up to my party I’ll head out and buy a shiny new, special pair. If I do chose this dress as the one I wear, I’ll possibly look for a pair of ‘wow’ heels in a matte or shiny navy, but we will see. That’s the next job!

I love a good midi dress when it comes to special occasions, and I have no doubts that this dress will really set the standard for my party. I’ve just got a few more to try and before making the decision. I reckon this one is a huge contender though!

Chi Chi have some absolutely gorgeous dresses, and I found when selecting this one, my browsing session was a difficult one. I always opt for petite styles, and Chi Chi have an incredible selected of dresses in petite fits, even going down to a size 4 for the super mini girls.

Stay tuned to see if this pretty number makes the cut!

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