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Fashion: Get Creative with LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre

If there’s one staple fashion item I’m never without, it has to be tights. I wear dresses and skirts pretty much every day, therefore my collection of tights is rather large! The one thing I have noticed recently that my collection doesn’t get anymore exciting than black, black, black… it lacks colour, and more importantly, FUN!

That’s where I get to introduce you to new home customizable hoisery! Hoisery LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre  offers you the freedom to get creative with your legwear as the technology in their tights allows you to snip, cut and customize tights so that you create your own bespoke desings, which reflect your personal styles and personalities. The best thing is that with these tights, there is no laddering or holes forming! You can layer up, snip away, and wear with attitude.

So how do these tights manage to cause no snagging? They basically have a bi-component technology that allows the outer layer of the fibres to fuse together during the tights thermofixation process. This results in increased durability and performance, as when holes are made the knitting structure stays intact so there will be no runs along the hose, therefore allowing you to get as creative as you want with cutting shapes and making designs!

We all love to express our own personal style, and these LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre  tights really allow us to do just that! You can decide how much material you want to cut away at, what shapes to produce, and what colours you want on show! Tights with LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre are available in the UK from the Andrea Bucci brand at MyTights.com, priced at £12, in a variety of colours. Also, the fun doesn’t stop there, as MyTights have launched a competition with LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre and Pinterest!  To be in with a chance of winning a LYCRA®FUSION™ fibre   hoisery gift box and £100 MyTights vouchers, all you need to do is share a picture of your customized tights via one of the options below. Designs will be pinned on MyTights Cutting Edge Pinterest board, and I will be one of the lucky bloggers to judge the competition! Deadline for entires is Jan 31st 2013:

1. Pinterest: Upload and pin the image of yourself wearing the tights using #CuttingEdge
2. Post your image on http://www.facebook.com/MyTightsOnline or http://www.twitter.com/MyTights #CuttingEdge.
3. Email your photo to competitions@mytights.com

Take a look here at some of the fab entries already! There are some really creative fashionista’s out there, so why not join the tights-cutting crowd and show them up with your style! Not only will you look great with your customized tights, you’ll also have fun doing it! I’ll be posting a tutorial ‘how-to guide’ straight after this to show you my creations, so keep on reading!

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