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Fashion: Classic Winter Styling

For today’s post, I wanted to share with you some of the colour schemes, silhouettes and styles that are currently inspiring me throughout November (and pushing on through to December). It’s the time of year when we are absolutely spoilt for choice with party styles, shimmery numbers and Wintery feels, but there are four key features I’m currently digging.

So let’s explore!

Midi Mesh

Firstly, I like to think of the midi length as the length all dreams are made of. Or at least all skirt lovers dreams. There’s just something awkward about that ‘little too short’ mini length, or that sweeping the floor maxi length. Especially when you’re a shorty at 5 ft 2 and a half! However, the midi length is just perfect.

Finishing just below the knee, a flared or bodycon style looks super classy, timeless and elegant. It can be teamed up with a strappy evening top, or a long sleeve fitted top. My black version over at my ASOS Marketplace boutique sold out so fast, and I can totally see why. But don’t worry…it’s now back in stock.

Off Shoulder

The cold shoulder trend is huge, and has effortlessly fled from the Summer season right into the Winter season. During the warmer months, we saw casual, floaty frill hem dresses baring the shoulders. But for Winter, it’s all about the midi dresses in thick lace and rich colours just skimming the shoulders.


Plunge Neck

OK so this is more of a trend that looks amazing for those party dresses, and especially *ahem* if you have a larger chest. Which I don’t. However, with a little bit of an add-on, such as a neck tie or choker, you can take the attention away from the deep plunge


Cross Neck

I think I may have made this name up, but it beats me what the actual name is for this type of neck detail. Either way, you can see what I mean as shown on my Black Lace Glitter Dress below, from my boutique. The thick black cross straps are chunky and dramatic, but when featured on a black dress, it looks sleek and feminine. A fresh addition to an LBD.


Colour Schemes

So I have to confess that I have got all my fashion inspiration for this season from Octer. Their striking ranges of greys, creams, blacks, navy’ and plums are so autumnal yet classic, and somehow, each item they retail is incredibly sophisticated. Their collections remind me of opening up Jennifer Anniston’s wardrobe, and admiring her range of timeless items.

Think of flattering metallic, subtle graphics and high quality finishing’s, and you’re on the right track. Now I just need to really give the site an intense browse and locate my perfect Christmas party dress!

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