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Fashion: Classic cuts and simple styling

what emma did
One of my new years resolutions for next year – related to the blog of course- is to start taking lots more outfit posts during the daytime so that I capture some nicer ‘real life’ looks. I’ve started already by purchasing a large bedroom mirror, which is much wider than the usual one I own, and it can be moved around my house so I can shoot some ‘what I wore today’ outfits with a much lighter background. At the moment, it’s Winter, and a lot of my outfit shots are currently dimly lit with that annoying orange tinge of the bulb light. There isn’t too much I can do right not due to the season, but at least I am on the right track with a brand new shiny mirror, and a lot more time in the day with going more full time with the blog, so I can shoot earlier than 9pm in the evening!

One of my newest outfits I wanted to post today is a lovely new white dress from Ever Pretty – a gorgeous little retailer specialsiing in my favourite thing: dresses. What I loved about browsing through this site was the array of classic cut outfits available on there – which has brought on the focus of today’s blog post. I love nothing more than a simple style – you know the type of dresses which feature a simple, understated cut and finish, yet still look breathtakingly beautiful? It’s those classic dresses which see you through season after season, and to me, nothing beats traditional fitted dresses, with clean cuts, no fuss, smart tailoring, and an overall timeless look.

When I went on my last buying trip for me own boutique, I had this thought in mind, and you can the two styles above and beyond both reflect this look. In case you are wondering, the dress is the Annabelle Dress, which launches later this week.

what emma did
what emma did black dress
classic black dress
Another retailer I spotted showcasing an array of super statement yet classic cut dresses is Esprit. I actually turned to this brand to have a little look at their classic styling because I know from working in the fashion industry that they are renowned for retailing effortless styles, with lots of authenticity to reflect an easy-going life. A number of dresses from their current collection caught my eye- and potentially because they are in lovely shades of bold red and I’m loving reds right now – which you can take a look at below. You’ll notice each dress doesn’t contain anything overly trend-led, and focuses on classic and simple styling…

esprit red dress
esprit red dress
esprit red dress
The below dress I’m sporting is the purchase I made from Ever Pretty, which in my opinion takes fashion right back to the traditional girly styling, with a little puff detail sleeves, nipped in waist and a flared out skirt. The dress reminds me of dainty china dolls, and I feel like a little princess when I try this on.

white dress
what emma did
what emma did
I hope you like this little round-up post highlighting the simple styles I’m currently raving about right now…

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did