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Fashion: A Capsule Work Wardrobe

I recently took part in a blogger challenge to put together a suitable outfit for a one night business stay in a hotel, centered around packing workwear and sensible yet stylish attire. The blogger challenge was set by Qhotels – the luxury hotel group – who wanted us to showcase the perfect way to pack for an overnight business stay, and style up an outfit ideal to wear for the occasion.

I’m no ‘expert’ on packing, but I do have a couple of tips I wanted to share with you incase you really struggle with the best way to pack for a business stay. I’ve rounded up three key pointers for you, as well as showing you my ideal outfit if I was to stay away from home on a work trip. I kept in mind that an ideal business trip look needs to include an outfit which was easy to carry around and transport, yet  looks smart, stylish and versatile.


Tip 1. For most buisness trips that involve being away for 1 night, they involve 1 night of socialising with work colleague, business partners, clients, partnerships… whoever you may need to be meeting with. Always remember tp dress smart, but also remember what your industry is and ensure your outfits reflect your work. If you work in the creative and media industry like me, opt for a smart dress and a blazer with a pair of medium height heels. If it’s more finance/managerial/accounts related, you need to represent the company and dress like you a trusted, respectable and presentable member of the company. A blouse, smart ankle skimming trousers and a pair of court shoes should do the trick. If it’s retail/arts/leisure industries, opt for smart/casual, which could involve a fitted top and skater style skirt with tights and a pair of heels. Think about the company you are representing.

Tip 2. If you are only down for the one night, try to pack light. Packing light also means packing clever; don’t bring hundreds of items of clothing to layer up and mix and match. Keep it as simple and stress free as possible. I advise to go for the very basics: a smart dress, a blazer, a pair of tights, a pair of mid height heels, and a medium sized shoulder bag which can be both dressed up and dress down for either day or night.

Tip 3. Travel with a pack of business cards, a laptop, a spare phone charger (incase you leave one accidentally on the train/hotel room) a mini Batiste dry shampoo, a bold lipstick, a spare pair of tights, and a pack of mints! Obviously, pack everything else you need, but these items can be life savers if you aren’t too sure what type of days or evenings you will be having.

My business travel outfit looks are from ASOS, with look number one including a grey Pinafore Dress from Daisy Street, a black blazer from the petite range, and a shoulder bag in classic black and gold. Note I chose standard colours which won’t look too novelty or stand out, yet look clean, professional and coordinated.

My second look is again from ASOS, with a khaki t-shirt dress layered with the blazer and shoulder bag from before. I think it’s a nice idea to take two dresses with you, one for each day, and judge the weather as to whether you wear tights or no tights. As it’s the Summer season, I’ve gone brave and chosen to showcase a bare legged look, but it really is dependent on the day!

Overall, it’s best to keep things really simple yet smart. If you shop for business trip socialising clothes with the thought in mind that you need versatile outfits which you can dress up or down, keep a jacket on or off, wear with heels or flats or clutch or shoulder bag, you can’t go wrong. Plus, you will save a lot of space in your overnight bag!

asos dress
asos jacket
daisy street dress
work wear bag
Looking forward to reading what the other style bloggers have worked up!

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