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Fashion: Bellfield Clothing Makonde Shoes


It’s shoe love.

Sorry for the terrible pun intro, but I thought it kind of falls in quite nicely over Valentines weekend. Some of you may know that lately, I’ve been getting to grips with more of a laid back, casual style when it comes to fashion. I’m usually an ‘all-singing all-dancing’ pretty dress and skirt kind of girl (which I still am), but I’ve started to adopt a more relaxed, sporty style for during the day. Think street wear, mixed with a bit of gym-inspired sports luxe, and that’s kind of what I’m aiming for.

Keeping in line with this look, I’ve recently been wearing these super cool Makonde shoes from Bellfield Clothing with jeans, joggers, and more recently… tights and a dress! I know right – would you mix the two? Well I decided to give it a go today for a day at work, and you can check out the styling towards the bottom of this post.

These suede and leather shoes are lace up,¬†with a wing tip brogue effect and Bellfield logo tab. Not only are they sturdy for my constant walking around, they are also really comfy and look quite expensive too. That’s one of the best bits; they are currently in sale for just ¬£19.20! And they are a deep black shade. We all know how much I adore wearing black…

bellfield shoes
I’m really focusing on comfort this wear when it comes to shoes, putting much more of a focus onto my health. If you think about it, your feet carry your body weight around (plus a lot more!) on a daily basis, so it’s mega important to give some thought to your foot health, body posture and general stance. There is a footwear range, aravon shoes, which has orthopedics, comfort and style and the heart of the brand collection, which is another option worth considering for daytime and casual footwear.

bellfield shoes
bellfield shoes
I’ve never actually shopped at Bellfield Clothing before, but from stalking out their shoe collection, I’ve realised that this online retailer is completely up my street. I was soon browsing the ‘New In’ pages and realised the items are beautifully modern, fuss-free, simple and statement. Just how I like my wardrobe collection looking. Plus, lots of fresh colour palettes, like greys, denim blues, whites, blacks and pastel pinks. Another new one to add to my list of favourite discoveries this year…

bellfield clothing
bellfield clothing

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