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Fashion: Bamboa Swimwear

Hi all! You may have noticed that it’s been a good 10 days since I’ve posted a blog piece on What Emma Did. Of course, I haven’t abanded the blog (would I ever…) but there are two very good reasons as to why I’ve been AWOL!

Firstly, my beloved laptop of 6 years died last month. It was battered and old and only worked when the charger plug was plugged in at all times, but I’m a little heartbroken. It’s been pretty much the only device I have blogged on if you exclude the first two years I started this website. So, I’ve decided to get modern and actually use my iPad to put this post together! My first actual blog post on anything other than an old school, large laptop. Man it feels weird….

My second reason for disappearing is that I was away on holiday, sailing off on a cruise! I had a fantastic time sailing via P & O Cruises to Malta, Athens, Mykonos, Katakolon and Albabia. More on the travel and those places in some upcoming coming posts though of course.

So today’s post is to share some of my favourite swimwear items I wore on my recent trip. This above bikini is the gorgeous Ocean Two Piece from swimwear brand Bamboa – how pretty is it? I love how it has the gypsy boho vibe yet looks uber stylish.

When I popped a fitted skirt on over the bottoms, the top looked like a little flare crop top too. So double use! It has a lovely tie dye effect and is just overall a dream to wear.

I don’t usually wear bikinis which have halter neck fastenings – or at least haven’t owned one like this for a long while – but I genuinely just love everything about this design.

My next favourite swimwear I brought along with me also from Bamboa is this absolute stunner of a bold print, bright coloured number. The Savannah Two Piece has a wrap detail top, meaning it sits quite low with two printed sashes of material which then twist together and tie at the back of the neck.

The print is tropical and gives such a flash of vivid colour. I can’t really chose which one I love the most from this and the Ocean Two Piece, so I’ll happily say they are both up there together!

The above photo is of my and my lovely Mum stood on the top deck of the ship, absorbing the Greek rays of sunshine and sipping water to keep us cool! It gives you a clearer shot of the full length view of the bikini, although ignore the awkward pose here…

What I love about Bamboa swimwear as a brand isn’t that they don’t just load their website up with hundreds of fast fashion swimwear styles. Each piece is carefully designed and sits within a theme, and in each theme sits a few key pieces which are luxury and premium.

When browsing the site, it was really difficult to select just two sets, but I think I chose right!

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