Events: Elvis Jeans Fragrance Launch

Last Thursday, I headed down to Sakura on Manchester’s Deansgate Locks for the Elvis Jesus new fragrance collection launch, for him and her. When the invite came over, I was more than curious, as it promoted what they called an ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ theme, and to anyone who has seen the film, I can sure you can imagine the worry! This was followed by being told to wear a ‘compulsory mask’ and to ‘quote the password’ on entry…

Luckily, the masks for the lady guests were quite simple and sophisticated, one’s where you simply hold the shimmery gold eye mask over your eyes. There were a few guests who brought along their own masks and put in tremendous effort, which looked amazing and really went well with the whole mysterious, sophisticated theme. Very seductive! Which leads me onto the perfume… The main room in Sakura was filled with the scent, which hit you as soon as you walked in. The ‘uber cool’ Elvis Jesus brand have teamed up with Fragrance and Beauty Creations to create their first scent, which will be exclusively available at Elvis Jesus, The Perfume Shop and selected Elvis Jesus Clothing retailers.


The fragrance collection embodies the spirit of the brand – a juxtaposition of contrasting scents that create sensual and extraordinary fragrances. Elvis Jesus For Her has a heavy blend of citrus and lively peppermint combined with deep nutmeg and spices, creating a woody floral scent that lingers on. The For Him scent goes down the same path, but with hints of black pepper, cedar and sensual woods, leaving a masculine and seductive impact. The presentation of the two fragrances is also a really lovely addition, they showcase and represent the brand yet look prestigious and unique, with the For Her presented in a heavy weight clear glass flacon with the brands logo in rose gold, featuring black and gold embossing. For Him is displayed in a weather beaten glass flask with pewter logos and  featuring the brands history scripted.
Fragrance Product ImageAt the event, we were treated to lots of cocktails and amazing sushi whilst scantily clad model sprayed us with the scent, and a Dita Von Teese artist drenched herself in a life-size cocktail glass seductively. Unfortunately I wasn’t given a sample to take away with me, so the description of the scent is from memory, however it was really feminine and light, one I would wear myself for both day and night. A fabulous event with a difference!

100ml retails at £49, with 50ml retailing at £39.oo


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