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Cow Girl Makes A Comeback

As sad as it sounds, I’m a sucker for a namesake. Naomi Campbell will always be my favorite supermodel and as far as I’m concerned, Campbells soup wins over Heinz anyday. So shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell was always going to go down well with me, and when I first heard about him, I prayed his shoes would be awesome and live up to the Campbell expectation (that’s my surname incase some of you were unaware). Thankfully, they do live up to the expectation, I love his strong fashion forward look and his modern twists on the seasonal trends.

So what has he done next? Well those of you who had a thing for the cowboy boot trend should love this one. He has brought back the cowboy boot but with a sixties update – platform soles! What do all you shoe lovers think? If you’re one who loves to turn heads, this is a trend to pay attention to! These platform cowboy boots are set to hit the stores in November 2011.

Images courtesy of fashionising.com

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