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Beauty: Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask and Brand Review

From my early days of make-up artistry training, one of the things I found incredibly beneficial along the way is the constant picking up of…

Beauty: Milk_shake Haircare Review

I think I have discovered the most yummiest smelling haircare of all time. Imagine using thick, creamy milkshake made with sweet smelling ice-cream all over…

Lifestyle: Top 10 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

Actual spring cleaning is one thing I don’t like very much at all. On the other hand, spring cleaning my life by making little seasonal…

Beauty: The Perfect Skincare Regime For Problem Skin

So I’m currently sat here with a face mask on, trying to steal a cheeky half an hour to let my skin get some much…

Lifestyle: Johnnie Walker Gold Label and Rankin Collaboration

One things for sure- everybody loves a photobooth. Especially on a night out after a couple of drinks and armed with a group of friends,…

Lifestyle: Fitness Tips and George Active Wear

From May 2013 to the Summer of 2014, I was a self confessed gym lover. I would regularly go a couple of times a week,…

Lifestyle: Eating at Peachy Keens, Manchester

One of my main loves in life is food. Eating out is possibly my favourite ‘activity’ – I would possibly even put it up there…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did