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Lifestyle: Manchester Art Scene

One thing I absolutely love about living in Manchester – and also hate as it’s a killer to the purse – is the amazing selection…

Events: Boxfresh Presents Katashi For FootAsylum

If your into fashionable events and live in or around Manchester, then you should join me at the Boxfresh presents Katashi for FootAsylum exclusive launch…

Lifestyle: Flourless Protein Pancakes

Happy Sunday all! (or Monday if you are reading this in your inbox!). Just a little post this morning to show you a little simple…

Lifestyle: Keeping Fit From 21

I was recently made aware of a topic up for discussion by a brand that I found quite interesting – ‘What advice would you give…

Lifestyle: Moose Coffee Manchester

Since arriving back into Manchester from my trip to Australia, I noticed a growing trend on Instagram. Not a fashion one this time – but…

Travel: A Travellers Guide To Bali

I had the sad realisation today that I have been back in England for just under two months…where on Earth has the time gone? This…

Lifestyle: Nescafe Launches Pop-Up Paper Mugs

I have to share this uber-cool launch from Nescafe that I found browsing trendwatching.com this morning… basically the jist of it is that whilst you…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did