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Lifestyle: Diamond Love

They say diamonds are a girls best friend… and I see no one denying this! As it’s been a time of year for me to…

Lifestyle: A Weekend of Business, Fitness and Books

Here’s a little post rounding up a weekend which has involved lots of lovely things, perfect for a Sunday/Monday read. So we all know that…

Fashion: Winter Waistcoat and PhD Celebrations

No, it isn’t me who has scooped a PhD unfortunately. I stopped my education at BA Hons level and have no idea where i’d find…

Lifestyle: Winter Mornings with TeaPigs

I know it’s heading into Winter as I’m finding myself doing crazy things all over again like heating up my bed with a hairdryer before…

Lifestyle: Smoke-Free Stoptober

The post title may cause a little confusion at first glance as most of you will think “but you don’t smoke?”… Very true, I have…

Beauty: I Finally Go Balayage

After months of deciding, I finally decided to say goodbye to all over blonde by taking the leap to follow the balayage hair trend. Yes,…

Fashion: Cosmopolitan Awards 4 Years On

Wow – here’s a little emotional post for a Monday! This week see’s the 2014 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, taking it into the fourth year running…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did