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Fashion: Cosmopolitan Awards 4 Years On

Wow – here’s a little emotional post for a Monday! This week see’s the 2014 Cosmopolitan Blog Awards, taking it into the fourth year running…

WIN: Beauty Essentials Giveaway!

There are a number of reasons today for hosting my latest giveaway, but I’ll limit it down to just two big reasons. The first, is…

Lifestyle: 3 Ingredient Gluten Free Cookies

Just a quick little post today on WhatEmmaDid to share with you the most simple yet healthy cookie recipe that is not only sugar free,…

WIN! Jewellery and Beauty Product Giveaway Worth £170

Quick ladies! (And gentlemen, if you are trying to win this for your wife, girfriend, sister, friend…) my competition with Twitter only has 24 hours…

Lifestyle: Small Business Inspiration From Jo Malone

I was recently informed about a campaign called #thebigcall, launched by Everreach, which is encouraging business to pick up the phone and simply start growing…

Fashion: Victoria Beckham Opens Debut London Store

Artist turned designer Victoria Beckham has unveiled her first store on Dover Street, London, putting her fashion collections on the map for those who prefer…

Fashion: River Island X Movember

What’s the first thing you do when you hear the word ‘Movember’? If your anything like me, my first reaction is a quick shudder thinking…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did