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Lifestyle: A Weekend in Barcelona

Last weekend, I headed off to Barcelona for my first time. I know – unexpected right? Most people I speak to have been before, and…

Lifestyle: Things To Do Before Turning 30 Bucket List

As most of you will probably know, I post on whatemmadid.com everyday, but last week has been pretty manic to say the least. It’s been…

Lifestyle: Barbie House Villa

As I am a super girly girl (most of you will have picked this up by now), I came across this piece of news which…

Lifestyle: Being a Full Time Blogger

Don’t be fooled by the title of this blog post – I’m not ‘officially’ titled as a full time blogger yet. Although that entirely depends…

Lifestyle: 15 Things Only Bloggers Will Understand

Because being a blogger isn’t easy you know. Sometimes we feel empowered, sometimes we feel inspired, and other times, we feel plain useless. But that’s…

Lifestyle: Hotel Gotham, Manchester

If you are fairly on the ball with all the openings of hip and happening ventures in Manchester, then I’m assuming you are no stranger…

Fashion: Hobbs Returns To Manchester with Pop Up Store

I’m happy to announce that Hobbs is now back in Manchester city centre! This time, the fashion store has made a pop-up it’s new home…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did