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Lifestyle: 15 Ways To Save Money in 2016

There is one thing we all have in common: we all wish we had more money. Amongst most young women (and older women too), we…

Lifestyle: Do we need an inspiration?

I don’t want to spend too much time in January with posts about life goals, changes and resolutions, but hey, it’s a topic that everyone…

Lifestyle: Planning a Wedding Pain Free

Hooray! So Christmas day has been celebrated, and the New Year has crept up on the horizon. This means one thing is for sure- as…

Beauty: Titanic Spa, Huddersfield

So I go to quite a lot of spa days, and if you read whatemmadid.com regularly, you’ll see I have visited some absolutely amazing ones…

Lifestyle: A Healthier and Happier New Year

Here it is – 2016 has finally graced us, so Happy New Year!! 2015 was a rather interesting year for me; it certainly had it’s…

Lifestyle: A Weekend at Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

  If you have never thought too much about going on a mini break in Yorkshire, then I’m about to try and change your mind.…

Beauty: Building Your Own Beauty Room

If you love beauty and fashion like me, then you may have the dream of one day creating your own special beauty room at home.…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did