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Lifestyle: How I Take Time Out

They say that nothing in life is ‘certain’, but there is one thing that is definitely certain in my life, and that is that I…

Lifestyle: The Home Tour

Although I officially bought my house back in March, it look a number of months to ‘do up’ until it was looking smart enough and…

Lifestyle: City Breaks For Girls

We may all be feeling a little miserable with coming into the Autumn Winter season, but I’ve actually been feeling quite optimistic by giving myself…

Lifestyle: Healthy Eating Hacks For Everyone

Even though I don’t always practise what I preach, I overall try to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some weeks this includes a number of hours…

Lifestyle: Wish Want – The Ideal Gifting Service

If you are anything like me, you’ll have some friends who are incredibly difficult to buy for. I always like to think I’m a creative…

Fashion: What’s In My Beach Bag?

We may have just entered September, but holiday season hasn’t officially ended just yet! A few people have asked me a couple of times over…

Lifestyle: Updating My Home For Autumn

As most of you will know from the amount of times I drop this in on whatemmadid.com – I have finally moved into my own…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did