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My Refined Sugar-Free Banana, Date and Oat Flajack Recipe

Last weekend, I took to some baking for a friends baby shower. As I knew a few of the girls were giving up sugar for…

Personalised French Champagne at Say It With Champers

Now is there anything much finer in life than good quality champagne? I thought not. Well for me, there definitely isn’t anyway. If you follow…

Brunch at Alabama’s, Northern Quarter Manchester Review

Where is the best place for brunch in Manchester? Well, I get asked that question a lot. I actually put together a full review on…

Gaucho Manchester Review: The OG of Steakhouses

*This was a gifted visit I’m going to start this restaurant review off with a bit of a ‘thought’. I couldn’t help but think of…

Planning My Foodie Trip To Italy For September 2019

Most people are always shocked to hear that I haven’t been to New York yet, but for me, I’m mostly shocked I haven’t yet visited…

The Ivy Asia Review, Manchester

Last week, to kick start the celebrations of Chinese New Year, I headed to The Ivy’s Asia restaurant for a dining experience to celebrate the…

KFC Release a Valentines Bouquet Called BOUQUET DE POULET

Valentine’s Day. The one time of year you can show loved ones just how much they mean to you. But it looks like KFC have…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did