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Food Review: Thaikhun, Manchester

Ever since coming home from a year in Australia almost two years ago, I’ve had a slight obsession with Thai food. I was ridiculously addicted…

Food Review: New Menu at Revolution

Ah, good old Revolution. I have many memories of Revolution Bars, all over the UK. When I first started going out when I was in…

Food Review: Yo Sushi’s New Menu

It was only when I headed over to Australia two years ago that I actually developed a new found love – and that was for…

Food: 24 hours with Gourmet Society

For those who often read my blog or follow me on social media, you’ll be more than aware that I have an absolute obsession with…

Food Review: Fazenda, Manchester

Last week, a friend was leaving work and opted to have his leaving meal at Manchester’s Fazenda restaurant, situated in Spinningfields. At first, I was…

Food Review: Bills Restaurant, Manchester

If you live in London – or visit the Capital regularly – you’ll be no stranger to Bill’s Restaurant. It was my visits to London…

Food: How To Make ‘Nice Cream’

For those who know me or regularly read What Emma Did, you’ll know I’m touch and go with dairy. It’s not that I’m allergic or…

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