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Food Review: Don Giovanni Manchester

I’m a self confessed Italian food addict: it’s possibly my favourite cuisine to eat out and enjoy, even though I know a lot of people…

Food Review: 1847 Manchester Vegetarian Restaurant

So I’m not a vegetarian, and don’t have any intentions of turning into one any time soon, but I’m open to trying a good old…

Lifestyle: How To Order A Healthier Takeaway

OK -so there is no such thing as a healthy takeaway. But I wanted to put this post together as there will be so many…

Lifestyle: Thermos Overnight Coffee

Here is a blog post that I’m sure will be appreciated by all the busy workers and commuters out there, who are all too familiar…

Lifestyle: Sleep Well Shop Well in Mancheser

  The other week, I experienced what I can only call as a perfect girls weekend. Based in my favourite city of Manchester, I took…

Lifestyle: MyProtein Girls Only Fitness Day

  The other weekend, I headed down to the Lifestyle Fitness Gym in Manchester to spend a Saturday with the team from MyProtein and a…

Lifestyle: #ExpressYourShelf Food Challenge

Recently, I decided to put my nifty head on and take part in the #ExpressYourShelf challenge, ran by the Love Food Hate Waste initiative with…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did