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Food Review: Bills Restaurant, Manchester

If you live in London – or visit the Capital regularly – you’ll be no stranger to Bill’s Restaurant. It was my visits to London…

Food: How To Make ‘Nice Cream’

For those who know me or regularly read What Emma Did, you’ll know I’m touch and go with dairy. It’s not that I’m allergic or…

Food Review: Lunching at Australasia, Manchester

The first time I ventured to Australasia in Manchester’s Spinningfields was to show off to my Southern friends, who were visiting for the weekend. I…

Food: Three lunch ideas to have at your desk

When I lived in Australia, I was ridiculously healthy. I would eat nutritious lunches at my work desk which included raw fish sushi, fruit smoothies,…

Lifestyle: A Week in Food

Another week of living means another week of blogging… which ultimately means another week of eating! Today’s ‘a week in food’ highlights some of the…

Food Review: Zouk Tea Bar and Grill, Manchester

I’m one of those annoying people who loves every type of food cuisine. It’s annoying in the sense that when someone asks me what type…

Lifestyle: Wine Tasting at BistroVin, Manchester

Last week, I ventured out on a different kind of evening in Manchester with the Yelp team – the restaurant and bar review app I’m…

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