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A Stylish Event With FashionWorld + Their S/S19 Collection

The other week, myself and a number of Manchester influencers headed to an intimate event hosted by fashion brand FashionWorld. I’ve heard about FashionWorld over…

Your Personal Style Evolution: Tips for the Transition

The concept that everyone has a ‘personal style’ is well-known, and it’s one that most fans of fashion will be familiar with. While most of…

Wearing The Loungewear Trend Outdoors

The other week, a number of online retailers commented that sales of “pyjama-style clothing” was soaring, with sales of “loungewear” climbing up and up. Yes…

Is The Cycling Shorts Trend Back?

Whether you like it or not, cycling shorts look set to be bigger than ever for Spring/Summer 2019. The tight fitting piece of clothing –…

The Prom Dress Trends for 2019

As a makeup artist, I’ve started getting all the requests in for prom season 2019. I always get super excited about doing makeup from prom,…

Packing the perfect style for a city break

If you’ve got a short city break booked, it’s important to pack all the essentials and plan well beforehand. There’s nothing worse than checking in…

My New Spring Shoes From Paradox

There are many things I love about the Spring season, but here are three of my favourites: lighter evenings, drying my clothes outside on the…

What Emma Did

What Emma Did