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So 2013 has passed us, and as much as it was supposed to be a year for not as many weddings due to the suspicions around unlucky ’13’, it didn’t stop the wedding proposals! 2014 and 2015 seem to be absolutely huge years for weddings – I have so many to attend to already that it’s time I should start planning some outfits! Hey it’s never too early…

As a lot of talk at the moment is based around brides-to-be and the buzz of the big day, I thought with it being March and going into bridal season it would be appropriate to highlight to you an online bridal website,, which is a  one stop bridal hub for all things wedding. So many of my friends are busy planning their weddings that it has even got me into the habit of browsing bridal sites, hence coming across this one!


What has blown me away about is that the prices are brilliant for the budget savvy brides out there who don’t want to spend high amounts of money on their dress, and also kitting out the all-important bridal party. Stylish bridesmaid dresses in an array of colours, fits and lengths start at prices as low as £42! The best bit is – of course- the actual selection of wedding dresses too, as prices for these start as low as £47! The styles literally seem to cover everything, from short styles, to asymmetric cuts, fishtails and flowing trains… I’m not anywhere near getting married but I feel like one of those planning ahead girls who has excitedly bookmarked a bridal website!

Appliqued Organza Wedding Dress with Asymmetrical Layers £139.64

Appliqued Organza Wedding Dress with Asymmetrical Layers £139.64

Everything wedding related is covered on this website, all with the aim to provide a huge selection for the bride and bridal party yet keeping everything to a reasonable budget. Hair accessories, bridal gloves, wedding favours, table decorations… you name it, this is a fantastic one stop bridal destination!

Strapless A Line-Appliqued Mini Wedding Dress with Allover Ruffle Tiers £91.46

Strapless A Line-Appliqued Mini Wedding Dress with Allover Ruffle Tiers £91.46

So if 2014 is your big year, or maybe its 2015, as lets face it it’s going to come around real soon anyway, this website should hopefully provide you with lots of inspiration and ideas for keeping things purse friendly, yet meaning you don’t have to cut back on anything you would like on the day. I have also recently been becoming fairly clued up on amazing wedding venues across the UK, seeing as I am attending so many weddings this year. I’ve been assisting some of my friends around the Preston and Chorley areas recently on their hunt for super-cute venues, and I’ve bene surprised at how many idyllic, country style venues are hidden on the route up to Lancashire. One of my favourite wedding venues is actually a Cheshire wedding venue called Heaton House Farm – it’s so pretty and quaint, making it ideal for both the vintage brides and the modern brides out there!




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