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Beauty: Volumising Hair with Batiste XXL Volume


what emma did
As you can see, although I am blessed with naturally straight hair (I’ll touch on the positive first…) I am also cursed with incredibly flat, lifeless hair that can’t even lift after a professional blow dry. It’s fine, flyaway and fairly silky to touch, which is quite nice, except that when I’ve just got out of bed in the morning and don’t want to blast my roots or attack the backcomb, I face the day with limp hair.

I recently discovered from a couple of other beauty blogs out there that Batiste have re-launched the XXL Volume Dry Shampoo, which aims to provide an ultimate volume boost to hair. I have always been a Batiste fan, and find that the brand’s dry shampoo collection completely wins me over more than any competitor brands. So I decided to purchase the XXL Volume spray last weekend from Boots for £4.99. Lets see what I thought…

what emma did
batiste XXL volume
what emma did
I used this on the second day of having ‘dirty hair’ (I can’t really leave mine for any longer than 2-3 days as it’s very prone to going greasy) and sprayed the product directly onto the roots around my parting, and a little bit underneath. After rubbing it in gently with my fingertips and giving it a good brush with my tangle teaser hairbrush, I am pretty happy with the results! My roots are much more ‘plumped’ – I know that is usually a word associated with lips but it really is the first word I think of when looking at my hair after using the XXL Volume. It absorbs the grease effectively, and really amplifies my roots to look much thicker, fuller and a lot more bouncier.

It’s actually a really ideal product for those who tie their hair up regularly, as I tipped my head upside down and sprayed this onto my roots before pulling my hair into a messy ponytail, and I was impressed to see a volumised, fuller look head of hair. Well done Batiste – a great innovative product that in my opinion really does work.

what emma did

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What Emma Did

What Emma Did